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[News] Examples of Patents Going Down, Failing to Serve

  • Subject: [News] Examples of Patents Going Down, Failing to Serve
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 22:59:37 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Appeals court strikes down another generic biotech patent


Pigs Fly: Federal Court Invalidates Myriadâs Patent Claims


Inventor Claims He Got Patent 20 Years After Filing... But Details Missing


After 20 years, local physicist gets patent for magnet

,----[ Quote ]
| Roy Weinstein had given up.
| To heck with the patent office, the 82-
| year-old physicist decided. After waiting 
| two decades for a patent on his 
| potentially revolutionary superconducting 
| magnets, he'd had enough.
| âAs you might imagine, waiting 20 years is 
| a pretty nasty chore,â said Weinstein, an 
| emeritus professor at the University of 
| Houston.


Patent Reform Bill Would Curtail Lawsuits Against Those Who Falsely Claim Patent Protection

,----[ Quote ]
| Daniel Ravicher, who has been really 
| active in these kinds of lawsuits -- and, 
| incidentally, was also a major player in 
| the Myriad gene patent case -- helping to 
| get gene patents invalidated -- has an 
| article up trashing the patent reform bill 
| for "protecting patent lying." 


Don't Protect Patent Lying 

,----[ Quote ]
| Without the cloak of behind-the-scenes 
| corporate influence, it becomes 
| immediately apparent that there is no 
| rational explanation for the Senators' 
| sudden rush to overturn a law that has 
| been part of our country for over 150 
| years and whose only impact will be to 
| help rid our marketplace of intentionally 
| deceptive false statements.


Rejoice: It's No Longer Patent Infringement To Sell A Trading Card With Memorabilia

,----[ Quote ]
| Justin Levine highlights the 
| ridiculousness of the patent system today 
| by noting that it took the court system 
| eight years to determine that attaching 
| memorabilia to a trading card shouldn't be 
| patentable (pdf)... and even then, a CAFC 
| judge dissented, claiming that the patents 
| could be valid. The patents in question, 
| 5,803,501 and 6,142,532 are pretty 
| straightforward. Basically, they're about 
| taking some piece of memorabilia and 
| attaching it to a trading card (for 
| example, attaching a piece of a jersey 
| worn in a baseball game to a baseball card 
| of the player). 

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