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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Receives GroundWork Backing, Reviewed

  • Subject: [News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Receives GroundWork Backing, Reviewed
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2010 09:33:31 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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GroundWork Open Source Launches New Ubuntu-Powered Virtual Appliance for IT Monitoring

,----[ Quote ]
| âAs Ubuntu Server continues its growth in 
| enterprise environments, GroundWorkâs 
| Ubuntu-powered virtual appliance is a great 
| solution for those looking to measure, 
| monitor, and manage their mission critical 
| Ubuntu infrastructure,â said John Pugh, 
| Software Partner Manager, at Canonical. 
| âAnd the virtual appliance form factor has 
| added benefits for those considering cloud 
| computing.â 


Quick Look at Lucid

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu just released the beta 1 version of 
| their new LTS (Long Term Support) 
| Distribution, Lucid 10.04. The theme is 
| based on "light" and it looks great. Here's 
| what to expect and what not to expect when 
| you first install this new flavor of 
| Ubuntu:
| The first thing you notice when you launch 
| the live CD is Ubuntu's new logo. Don't 
| worry, they still have the basic logo but 
| they added some new typography and use the 
| logo like a registration mark. They went 
| with the black desktop theme for their 
| default which is fine, but they moved 
| something around. The window manager 
| buttons went from the right side to the 
| left, which is difficult at first if you 
| are not used to it.


Maverick Meerkat A Perfect 10?

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx (10.04) isn't out yet 
| but Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu 
| and Canonical, and his team look toward the 
| October 2010 (10.10) release they're 
| calling Maverick Meerkat. On his personal 
| blog this morning, Mark wrote, "Itâs time 
| to put our heads together to envision 'the 
| perfect 10'." Mark, himself, has a new 
| vision for the upcoming release already 
| knowing that 10.04 is almost "in the can." 
| His new vision is one of lightness-
| lightness in footprint, in deployment and 
| in support requirements. A grand vision but 
| can he do it?


There is More to Linux Than Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Kubuntu was my favorite distribution for a 
| time, back during the KDE 3.5 series. I was 
| a KDE user all the way back to 2.0. Before 
| Kubuntu I used mainly Debian unstable on 
| the desktop, and Debian stable on servers. 
| Way before that, Red Hat and Slackware. Red 
| Hat 5 was my first Linux, on actual 3.5" 
| diskettes. Somewheres in there I used 
| Libranet, which was a super-nice Debian 
| derivative, but sadly it died with the 
| passing of its founder. 



GroundWork Open Source releases Monitor Enterprise 6.1

,----[ Quote ]
| GroundWork Open Source, a provider of open
| source system and network management
| software, has released Monitor Enterprise
| 6.1. that includes enhancements to the GWOS
| platform for customers with heterogeneous
| IT environments.

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