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[News] North Korea Uses Free Software to Put Surveillance in Red Star OS

  • Subject: [News] North Korea Uses Free Software to Put Surveillance in Red Star OS
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 21:01:59 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Red Star OS spotted in North Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| Today the BBC has reported about a study 
| from South Korea's Science and Technology 
| Policy Institute, which warned that the Red 
| Star software is designed to increase 
| government control over its citizens and 
| their access to technology and the 
| Internet. What? In North Korea?


NK Goes for Linux-Based Operating System

,----[ Quote ]
| According to researchers at South Korea's 
| Science and Technology Policy Institute 
| (STEPI), North Korea's Linux-based "RED 
| Star" software is mainly designed to 
| monitor the Web behavior of its citizens 
| and control information made available to 
| them.
| However, the computer operating system does 
| represent North Korean efforts to advance 
| its computer technology, which lags as a 
| result of the country's isolation, relying 
| on Linux and other open-source software, 
| said Kim Jong-seon, a STEPI researcher.


PRESS DIGEST - South Korean newspapers - April 6

,----[ Quote ]
| North Korea is expanding the use of its 
| Linux-based operating system "Red Star" 
| developed in 2002, into diverse areas and 
| it is currently using its software to 
| monitor citizens' Web behaviour, said a 
| researcher for the South Korea's Science 
| and Technology Policy Institute. 


North Korean operating system better than Windows


Windows, Linux Get Knocked-Off

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course the operating system wouldnât be 
| complete without numerous programs that 
| allow North Korean authorities to watch 
| what users are doing and of keep outsiders 
| from getting in.


Setting the record straight on sudo

,----[ Quote ]
| To begin with, there is nothing wrong with 
| using the root account if it is your system or 
| youâre the administrator. Secondly, using sudo 
| instead of a root shell is not more insecure. 
| Thatâs simply ludicrous. The only difference 
| is that with one you require knowing rootâs 
| password, and with the other you need to know 
| your own password. If you are in the habit of 
| using poor passwords, yes, this could bite you 
| â but if you are already in the habit of using 
| poor passwords, whatâs to say that the root 
| password isnât just as bad?



KDE in North Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| I just saw an article about North Korean
| Linux distro, named "ëìë" from Russian
| blog. Although I don't know anything about
| distro's base, who developed and
| translated, who packaged, etc. The
| interesting part is that this distribution
| is using KDE, release 3.x. Also it is
| translated in "North" Korean standard,
| which is different from "South" Korean
| standard, especially in technological
| terms. North uses loanwords from Russian
| language, while South uses them from
| English. North try to keep pure Korean
| terms, South widely adopted foreign
| loanwords. As of linguistic and real
| world, maybe also political
| difference(south and north can't
| communicate), we can't mix and match the
| translation.


Report: North Korea Develops Own Linux Distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| North Korea has reportedly developed its
| own version of the Linux operating with a
| graphical user interface that closely
| resembles Microsoft Windows.
| A copy of the North Korean Linux
| distribution, called Red Star, was
| purchased in Pyongyang for US$5 by a
| Russian student named Mikhail, who then
| posted a brief review of it on his blog
| using the Russian embassy's Internet
| connection, according to the English-
| language Web site of Russia Today, a
| Russian television news channel.


N. Korea develops own OS

,----[ Quote ]
| North Korea's self-developed software
| operating system named the "Red Star" was
| brought to light for the first time by a
| Russian satellite broadcaster yesterday.


North Koreaâs âsecret cyber-weaponâ: brand new Red Star OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Not only does North Korea have âits own
| Internetâ â a national information network
| independent from the US-based Internet
| regulator â it also has an operating system,
| developed under by order of Kim Jong-il.
| Russian student Mikhail, who studies in the
| Kim Il-sung University and writes a blog from
| the Russian embassy in Pyongyang, has
| recently purchased the Red Star Operating
| System (OS) and tested it. Courtesy of
| Mikhail, RT gives you an opportunity to take
| glimpse at IT life of worldâs most closed
| country.


Red Star OS: Linux distro from North Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| North Korea has had its own internet from a
| long time now. Their internet is free of any
| American influence and now, they have their
| own operating system to power that internet.
| The Red Star OS is a Linux based OS,
| developed by orders from Kim Jong-il.

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