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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Thinks Bigger

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Ubuntu: Canonical Focuses on Wall Street 

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, Canonical hopes to begin the 
| discussion with Wall Street firms as well. 
| True believers include Equitec, a financial 
| services firm that moved its proprietary 
| trading software from 100 Windows-based 
| servers to 30 Ubuntu-based servers, 
| according to Canonical. (Side note: Iâm 
| having difficulty getting an update from 
| Equitec regarding the Ubuntu deployment as 
| well as the companyâs business status.) 
| Somewhat similarly, Linux Box â a solutions 
| provider in Ann Arbor, Michigan â has 
| started promoting Ubuntu to financial 
| services firms.


Canonical announces phone sync for Ubuntu One subscribers

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu 
| Linux distribution, announced today that 
| its Ubuntu One cloud service will soon gain 
| support for mobile contact synchronization. 
| The feature will be available to users who 
| are paying for the higher tier of Ubuntu 
| One service.
| Canonical officially launched the Ubuntu 
| One service last year alongside the release 
| of Ubuntu 9.10. The service allows users to 
| keep files and some application data 
| synchronized between multiple computers. 
| The company is planning to roll out several 
| significant new Ubuntu One features when 
| Ubuntu 10.04, codenamed Lucid Lynx, is 
| released later this month. The new Ubuntu 
| One music store, which is integrated into 
| the Rhythmbox audio player, will use Ubuntu 
| One to deploy purchased music to all of the 
| user's computers. Much like the music 
| store, the new mobile synchronization 
| features are opening up for testing, but 
| will officially launch alongside Ubuntu 
| 10.04.


Bisigi Themes Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Testing PPA (And Lots Of Updates)


What's coming in the new Ubuntu Linux desktop?

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm already using the beta of the 
| forthcoming version of Ubuntu 10.04 and I 
| like it a lot. I decided to ask the good 
| people at Canonical, the company behind 
| Ubuntu, what they thought about the new 
| Ubuntu, scheduled to arrive on April 29th, 
| and this is what Gerry Carr, head of 
| platform marketing had do say.
| One thing I noticed in looking at the beta 
| of Ubuntu 10.04 was that Ubuntu, more than 
| ever, is becoming the Linux desktop 
| distribution for new users. I was right. 
| Carr said, "We want new users." Ubuntu has 
| never been the distribution for Linux 
| purists or experts. "We've always felt that 
| one of the most important things that we 
| can bring, hopefully, to open source is 
| popularity as a desktop OS." 


New Ubuntu look too destructive

,----[ Quote ]
| Take a good hard look at your screen and 
| ask yourself if it is possible to 
| accidentally close an application while 
| reaching for the File menu. In most cases 
| the answer is a clear no, but for users of 
| Ubuntu, it has become a very real and 
| dangerous use case.
| All the fuss began in March when the 
| decision was taken to refresh Ubuntu's look 
| and branding, which included a set of new 
| default themes that moved the trio of 
| minimise, maximise and close buttons from 
| the PC standard right-hand side to the left 
| side of the title bar. Suffice to say that 
| despite the positives of the updated Ubuntu 
| look, users overwhelmingly detested the 
| movement of the window buttons â as shown 
| by the over 630 comments, the vast majority 
| of which are intensely negative, on this 
| bug report.


Lucid Lynx two weeks after

,----[ Quote ]
| While still in Beta, Lucid Lynx is humming 
| along quite nicely two weeks after I 
| installed it on my Acer laptop.  Sure, 
| there are the little annoyances linked to 
| using a Beta product from Ubuntu, for 
| instance, the large daily updates of 
| software and the occasional application 
| crash.  For the most part, though, Lucid 
| Lynx is quite usable and I'm growing to 
| like it.


What To Do After Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx? Run This Script!


Unity-based TinyMe 2010 RC1

,----[ Quote ]
| I've used Puppy, DSL, and a few other 
| lightweights to bring some old junkers back 
| from the dead but never had the pleasure of 
| using TinyMe, until now. The Unity-based 
| TinyMe 2010 is of course a minimalist 
| distro and it uses the Openbox session and 
| window manager. The 2010 RC1 download I 
| used is only 200MB and runs as a live CD. 
| You can get a stable version from the 
| TinyMe download page.



Ubuntu 10.04 Beta One Released â My First Impressions

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâve read about all of the changes online
| (which are below), and from what Iâve read,
| itâs faster, more reliable, cleaner bootup
| screen (which is very simplified), and a
| brand new theme. It always seems to be that
| Ubuntu always has a different theme when
| they release a new version!


Ubuntu Unravelled

,----[ Quote ]
| There is also an Ubuntu Foundation that has
| dedicated funds of $10 million that could
| keep Ubuntu going if Canonical stopped
| backing it. Iâve previously been critical
| of Canonical keeping the grasp on the
| trademark, and not giving the dormant
| Foundation greater control. With the funds
| Canonical has put into Ubuntu I suppose it
| is reasonable for it to have a pseudo-
| guaranteed position. Mark Shuttleworth has
| been a member of the âCommunity Councilâ
| since inception and was willing to stand
| for election as if he was any other person
| of the community. This is quite telling of
| Canonical not enforcing a control that it
| legally could. At the last developer summit
| Mark announced that he would be passing the
| helm to Jane Silber allowing Mark to take a
| more âhands onâ role.

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