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[News] Nokia to Bring GNU/Linux-based Tablets

  • Subject: [News] Nokia to Bring GNU/Linux-based Tablets
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 22:10:51 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Nokia N900 Smart Mini Computer for your pocket

,----[ Quote ]
| This handset come blessed with Linux-based 
| Maemo platform and offer multiple ways to 
| remain connected with the world via 
| Internet. Users can remain online with 
| friends and relatives residing in any 
| corner of th earth.


Nokia looks to regain tablet relevance, plans new tablet

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia has since teamed up with Intel in an 
| effort to build an industry-standard Linux 
| platform called Meego that will work across 
| a wide range of mobile form factors and 
| support both the ARM and x86 architectures. 
| MeeGo incorporates some of the best 
| elements of Maemo and Intel's Moblin 
| netbook operating system. The path towards 
| converging Maemo and Moblin is still at a 
| relatively early stage, but a significant 
| portion of the source code is already 
| available.


MeeGo joins the Open Source league


Hey, Nokia is Working On a Tablet Too

,----[ Quote ]
| Set to hit this fall, Kumar offers little 
| else in the way of details. However, he 
| does allude to Nokia's partnership with 
| Intel and the company's new MeeGo operating 
| system that's based off of Linux. Announced 
| in mid-February, the OS is a mash-up of 
| Nokia's Maemo OS and Intel's Moblin. Nokia 
| and Intel have said the open source OS will 
| run on both smartphones and netbooks, with 
| support for ARM architecture and Intel's 
| line of Atom CPUs.


Nokia Plans Tablet to Take on iPad

,----[ Quote ]
| Whereas Nokiaâs high-end smartphone line is 
| heading toward the Linux-based Maemo for 
| its standard operating system, the new 
| tablet could potentially run MeeGo, the new 
| mobile operating system the company is 
| developing with Intel.


Rumor argues Nokia working on iPad rival

,----[ Quote ]
| Plans for a tablet may be incidentally 
| supported by Nokia's alliance with Intel 
| for MeeGo, a hybrid of Maemo and Moblin 
| Linux


Nokia tablet rumoured for Autumn

,----[ Quote ]
| If the company should enter the market, 
| SlashGear predicts that any slate-format 
| device would likely run the hybridised 
| Maemo/Moblin Linux distribution MeeGo, 
| based on work carried out between Nokia and 
| Intel.


How to: Overclock the Nokia N900

,----[ Quote ]
| In order to overclock the Nokia N900, one 
| would have to reflash it with another 
| kernel. The following kernels are 
| available: 825MHz, 800MHz, 750MHz, 700MHz, 
| and 600MHz.


Nokia N900 with wonderful deals on O2 and Orange of UK

,----[ Quote ]
| Running with Linux based Maemo 5 OS which 
| will offer the experience as real desktop 
| offers.



Android vs Maemo - Hands on Review

,----[ Quote ]
| There is no doubt that Linux will be the
| dominant player in the mobile market by
| the end of 2010. This is namely thanks to
| Google's Android OS, which has been
| appearing on more handsets than I can
| count the past few months. Android however
| is not the only mobile Linux operating
| system (however it is easily the most
| popular) that exists. I have done more
| than a few posts about my Nokia N900,
| which is another mobile device that runs a
| variation of Linux known as Maemo.

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