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[News] GNU/Linux Applications Compared

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gEdit and Leafpad Make a Good Text-Editing Team

,----[ Quote ]
| It's no longer a hard-copy world, and most 
| writing tasks don't require all the bells 
| and whistles in heavyweight word processing 
| programs. Text editors are a much more 
| nimble choice. However, not all text 
| editors are alike. You may not need a lot 
| of features, but you definitely want the 
| right ones. gEdit and Leafpad are two open 
| source options that complement each other 
| nicely.


6 Linux Music Players To Replace Songbird


Desktop Virtualisation 

,----[ Quote ]
| Virtualisation is a bit of a buzz word at 
| the moment. Virtualisation can be used for 
| all sorts of different computing tasks from 
| server consolidation to cross-platform 
| software development, to running that one 
| "must-have" app in that "I â wish â I â 
| didnât â have â to â use â this â damned â 
| OS" OS. This article is more at the latter 
| end of that scale. It will tell you about 
| some VM options for linux, and will run you 
| through some tips and tricks for getting 
| the more popular VMâs up and running.


Evolutionary development of a semantic patch using Coccinelle

,----[ Quote ]
| Creating patches is usually handwork; 
| fixing one specific issue at a time. Once 
| in a while though, there is janitorial work 
| to be done or some infrastructure to 
| change. Then, a larger number of issues 
| have to be taken care of simultaneously, 
| yet all of them are following the same 
| basic pattern, e.g. a replacement. Such 
| tasks are often addressed at the source-
| code level using scripts in sed, perl, and 
| the like. This article examines the usage 
| of Coccinelle, a tool targeted at exactly 
| those kinds of repetitive patching jobs. 
| Because Coccinelle understands C syntax, 
| though, it can handle those jobs much more 
| easily. 


Visualizing open source projects and communities

,----[ Quote ]
| Visualization is a critical tool for 
| exploring and understanding large amounts 
| of data. Thanks to the computer power of 
| the 21st century it has become possible to 
| visualize ever-expanding amounts of data. 
| Because the open source development model 
| is massively decentralized and network-
| centric, it is by its nature the perfect 
| domain for graph-based visualizations. 
| Connections or dependencies between 
| projects, communities, and code commits can 
| be explored and displayed in a lot of ways. 
| These visualizations can give us a unique 
| perspective on open source projects and 
| communities, such as fundamental 
| differences in their approach.


Linux Recipe for DVD Creation

,----[ Quote ]
| One thing that's taken me a while to find 
| is a suite of programs to create video DVDs 
| from scratch for home videos. From 
| capturing, editing, authoring, and burning 
| to a DVD. Finally, I've found a solution 
| that is 100% done on Linux from start to 
| finish, and it works better than the 
| proprietary products I've used in the past 
| that cost hundreds of dollars. Here's what 
| I have found to work very well:
| Capturing - Kino. Kino is a great and 
| lightweight program. It works flawlessly 
| and can capture to AVI, DV, or Quicktime 
| DV. It integrates perfectly to my video 
| camera that is connected by firewire (Kino 
| can preview and control the video camera 
| right within its own interface). I can even 
| do other tasks while it is capturing, which 
| I could NOT do in Windows programs like 
| Adobe Premier.


Kleo Bare Metal Back for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Kleo Bare Metal Backup has finally made 
| backing up a machine just about as simple 
| as it can be. And the restoration is just 
| as easy. If you are looking for a free, 
| easy to use backup solution give Kleo a 
| tryâyou might never turn back!
| [...]
| Kleo comes in a handy live distribution. So 
| what you need to do is download the ISO 
| image, burn it onto CD (or you can put it 
| onto USB with the help of Unetbootin), boot 
| it up, and walk through the wizard.Now 
| before you think Kleo is going to offer 
| some clunky, kludgy ncurses-like interface, 
| think again. When you boot up Kleo you will 
| be surprised to find it boots into a 
| typical GNOME desktop (see Figure 1). In 
| fact, I am writing this article from the 
| Kleo desktop!

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