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[News] Copyrights's Harms; The Economist Calls for Shortening of Copyrights

  • Subject: [News] Copyrights's Harms; The Economist Calls for Shortening of Copyrights
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 08:15:36 +0100
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Copyright and wrong

,----[ Quote ]
| The moral case, although easy to sympathise 
| with, is a way of trying to have oneâs cake 
| and eat it. Copyright was originally the 
| grant of a temporary government-supported 
| monopoly on copying a work, not a property 
| right. From 1710 onwards, it has involved a 
| deal in which the creator or publisher 
| gives up any natural and perpetual claim in 
| order to have the state protect an 
| artificial and limited one. So it remains.
| The question is how such a deal can be made 
| equitably. At the moment, the terms of 
| trade favour publishers too much. A return 
| to the 28-year copyrights of the Statute of 
| Anne would be in many ways arbitrary, but 
| not unreasonable. If there is a case for 
| longer terms, they should be on a renewal 
| basis, so that content is not locked up 
| automatically. The value society places on 
| creativity means that fair use needs to be 
| expanded and inadvertent infringement 
| should be minimally penalised. None of this 
| should get in the way of the enforcement of 
| copyright, which remains a vital tool in 
| the encouragement of learning. But tools 
| are not ends in themselves.


Yes, Authors Have Copyright Issues With Quoting Others As Well

,----[ Quote ]
| Much of his concern is how these costs will 
| multiply in an age of ebooks, but it seems 
| like a serious enough issue from the start. 
| Just the fact that authors who are 
| discussing and building on the works of 
| others are being blocked due to copyright 
| is hugely problematic. In this context, it 
| hardly sounds like the new works would act 
| as substitutes for the old works at all -- 
| but could actually drive more interest in 
| those original works. It's difficult to see 
| why or how copyright policy makes sense in 
| these cases.


If 'Piracy' Is Killing Filmmaking, Why Do Nigeria, China And India Have Thriving Movie Businesses?

,----[ Quote ]
| Another point that he found was that the 
| movie makers recognized they needed to 
| "compete" with unauthorized copies, and 
| priced things accordingly -- so that the 
| price wasn't all that different than the 
| unauthorized VCDs. Now, that did mean that 
| some of the movies produced in these 
| countries were quite low budget -- but, 
| again, if you combine a higher quality 
| movie with a real reason to buy (see in the 
| theater/additional benefits for buying) 
| there's no reason why big Hollywood movies 
| can't take advantage of the same economics.


Are There More Copyright 'Pre-Settlement' Groups Setting Up Shop In The US?

,----[ Quote ]
| We recently covered how a recently created 
| outfit going by the name US Copyright 
| Group, had launched tens of thousands of 
| lawsuits (some of which appear to be quite 
| questionable from a legal standpoint), as 
| part of what appeared to be an attempt at 
| copying the efforts of companies like 
| DigiProtect and ACS:Law in Europe (where 
| such practices have been widely condemned). 
| The lawsuits appear to be a smokescreen to 
| get contact information for people to whom 
| this "company" can send "pre-settlement" 
| letters, in which they're told to pay up to 
| avoid the lawsuit.
| Considering that this pseudo-shakedown is 
| apparently lucrative in Europe, perhaps 
| others are preparing to do the same in the 
| US as well. A reader who prefers to remain 
| anonymous, but who works for a small ISP, 
| passed along an email he recently received 
| from what appears to be a newish operation 
| called the Copyright Enforcement Group, 
| whose website has a mock law enforcement 
| shield on it. 


Citizen Journalism Platform AllVoices Sets Up News Desks In 30 Cities Around The World

,----[ Quote ]
| AllVoices, a fast-growing citizen 
| journalism platform, is announcing 
| significant expansion today. The startup is 
| launching global news desks in 30 different 
| cities around the world, where both 
| professional and citizen journalists will 
| provide regular in-country reports from the 
| ground. With the news desks, citizen 
| reporters will be able to receive 
| assignments from professional journalists. 
| Cities with news desks include Baghdad, 
| Beijing, Islamabad, London, Nairobi, and 
| Shanghai.


The Associated Press in Traffic Hunt, Inspired by Mine Tragedy

,----[ Quote ]
| First, it was not APâs place to put 
| together such a list. If a list was needed, 
| the best entity to release it to the media, 
| free of charge, under a GNU license, is the 
| very MSHA, the source of APâs information. 
| The MSHA is the main source, yet AP doesnât 
| have the courtesy even to cite it, writing 
| âAP archives, federal mining safety 
| statisticsâ as the source instead.
| Then, we have the âall rights reservedâ 
| issue, APâs power over the media. To qoute 
| 5 â 25 words from this article would cost 
| $12.50 for profits, and $7.50 for non-
| profits. If you want to quote more, you 
| have to pay more, naturally. If you want to 
| publish the article for a whole year, that 
| will cost you $750.00 no less. Nothing 
| against paying the price, if the 
| information wouldnât be copied from the 
| MSHA. The question is, how much did the AP 
| pay the MSHA for the facts?


Earliest Known Led Zeppelin Live Recording Hits YouTube

,----[ Quote ]
| Before they were busying themselves with 
| supergroups and arguing about reunion 
| tours, the four members of Led Zeppelin 
| were a fierce, inventive rockânâroll band 
| that helped lay the framework for heavy 
| metal and hard rock. At their peak, 
| Zeppelin were one of the biggest bands in 
| the world. Now, their humble beginning has 
| been documented with their earliest ever 
| recording.


TheWrap's Cease & Desist Letter to Newser

,----[ Quote ]
| (âNewserâ), and any agent or affiliate of 
| Newser, immediately cease and desist using 
| The Wrap as a source for Newser content. 
| Newser is not following industry best 
| practices, is intentionally misleading 
| consumers/users at the expense of The Wrap 
| and at the expense of other unnamed 
| sources, and has effectually demonstrated 
| no intention to allow consumers/users to 
| logically and easily ascertain the source 
| of Newser articles."



The 21st-Century Orchestra: Now Hear It This Way

,----[ Quote ]
| Orchestras are moving into these areas
| largely out of necessity. The commercial
| classical recording industry, as it was
| configured in its late-20th-century
| heyday, is vastly diminished, and there is
| little money to be made in the business.
| The New York Philharmonic, for instance, a
| giant of the recording industry in the
| Leonard Bernstein years, has not had a
| long-term contract with a commercial label
| for a decade.

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