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[News] [Rival] How Tax Law is Manipulated by Microsoft and Gates

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] How Tax Law is Manipulated by Microsoft and Gates
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 14:43:59 +0100
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Why the Legislature ended up relying on '7-11' taxes

,----[ Quote ]
| At times, Democrats threatened to end tax 
| breaks for big banks, private airplanes, 
| gold bullion and the Wall Street 
| investments of companies like Microsoft and 
| Weyerhaeuser.
| [...]
| His plan to tax the investments of 
| nonfinancial firms drew protests from every 
| big business and foundation in the state, 
| including Microsoft, the Gates Foundation 
| and Weyerhaeuser.


An International Foreign Aid Score Card

,----[ Quote ]
| So what about the United States?  First 
| off, it's important to point out that our 
| government subsidizes private philanthropy 
| through public policy.  For example, any 
| money that I (or more importantly, Bill 
| Gates) gives to the Gates Foundation to 
| promote neo-natal care in Ghana can be 
| deducted from my taxable income. This is 
| why the philanthropic sector is so strong 
| in the United States.  But there are limits 
| to philanthropy. Even the Gates Foundation 
| can't marshal a fraction of the resources 
| that are potentially available to the 
| United States government. 



Revenue from HB3176 Will Catch Up with Existing Tax Law in 2017

,----[ Quote ]
| As long as Washington State doesn't go broke
| before 2017, we'll eventually catch up to
| the damage done by HB3176. But, HB3176 may
| throw away a lot of cash (Microsoft's tax
| debt) up front that the state could benefit
| from today.
| Following up on yesterday's post on
| Microsoft's $100 million tax cut and
| potential tax amnesty, I've done a brief
| analysis of the impact of HB3176's proposed
| changes to the royalty tax. Based on this
| analysis, the current royalty tax alone will
| generate more revenue for the state until
| 2017 when the combined increased revenue
| sources from HB3176 will catch up with the
| loss of the domicile-based royalty tax.


Seattle Weekly Highlights Seattle Times Failure to Cover Microsoft's Tax Dodge

,----[ Quote ]
| In the midst of Washington State's brief
| biennial legislative session to address the
| state's pending insolvency from a $2.8
| billion budget deficit, you might think that
| an estimated $1.27 billion tax dodge by
| Microsoft, the state's most profitable
| company, and a proposed bill by Bill Gates'
| own representative which would grant
| Microsoft a $100 million annual tax cut and
| likely amnesty from it's unpaid taxes would
| warrant coverage in the state's most
| successful newspaper, The Seattle Times.
| [...]
| I don't understand why the paper won't cover
| the issue though the Times has had a history
| of taking stances on the estate tax at odds
| with our community's traditional centrist
| values. In 2000, the paper endorsed George
| Bush for President. This week, the paper
| complained that the Legislature's proposed
| sales tax increase was enough to push the
| author to evade the sales tax by driving
| south to Oregon.
| I know Seattle journalism is under strain.
| The failure of the print edition of the PI
| recently has hurt the city. But, it's up to
| journalists to make their work relevant to
| readers. In choosing so far not to cover
| this issue, the Seattle Times is failing all
| of us. If you don't cover issues that
| materially affect events in our region, then
| perhaps your business deserves to struggle
| financially.


Bill Gates Suggests Taxing Banks to Cut Federal Deficit

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill, let's be honest, it's hypocritical to
| suggest taxing banks to reduce the federal
| deficit while your company Microsoft
| contributes to Washington State's $2.6
| billion deficit with its alleged $728 million
| evasion of the royalty tax.
| You say the federal deficit could be the
| "next crisis". What about your home state's
| impending insolvency? What about our current
| local crisis?

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