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[News] McAfee Thinks "Windows" Means "Computer", 'Forgets' GNU/Linux

  • Subject: [News] McAfee Thinks "Windows" Means "Computer", 'Forgets' GNU/Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 19:37:25 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Linux Doesn't Exist; Hacking Is Crime

,----[ Quote ]
| Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant 
| of Sophos, has warned users that 'hackers' 
| are exploiting a problem with McAfee's 
| anti-virus product that has caused hundreds 
| of thousands of computers around the world 
| to repeatedly reboot themselves.
| I use 'computers' and they are not at risk 
| because of McAfee's whatever mistake. The 
| reason is simple. I use GnuLinux on my 
| 'computers'. It is surprising that an 
| expert like Graham could make such a huge 
| mistake and overgeneralization by calling 
| Windows running computers as computers. 
| What about those computers which run on 
| Gnu/Linux, BSD, Solaris and other such 
| operating systems? These computers are not 
| affected by this attack.
| The second mistake is the usage of word 
| hacker. Anyone who looks inside or makes 
| changes to a systems is a hacker. If you 
| tune the engine or your car, you are 
| hacking your car. If you are tweaking the 
| code of your computer to enhance 
| performance you are a hacker. Calling all 
| hackers criminals is, I think, shameful and 
| outrageous.



McAfee false positive bricks enterprise PCs worldwide

,----[ Quote ]
| Enterprise customers of a widely used
| McAfee anti-virus product were in a world
| of hurt on Wednesday after an update caused
| large swaths of their machines to become
| completely inoperable.


Crippled PCs Running That Other OS

,----[ Quote ]
| When I read reports of thousands of PCs
| disabled by anti-virus foul-ups, I rejoice
| that FLOSS is replacing XP around here. It
| is true that the user of XP or other
| versions of that other OS is helpless. He
| cannot run the PC without anti-virus
| software for the threats are too real and
| he cannot run the PC with anti-virus
| software because it is just malware in
| another form. The A-V we use around here is
| very intrusive and I will be glad to be
| done with it. It firewalls, filters and
| blocks applications not on approved list.


McAfee Kills SVCHost.exe, Sets Off Reboot Loops For Win XP, Win 2000


McAfee DAT 5958 Update Issues

,----[ Quote ]
| McAfee's "DAT" file version 5958 is causing
| widespread problems with Windows XP SP3.
| The affected systems will enter a reboot
| loop and loose all network access. We have
| individual reports of other versions of
| Windows being affected as well. However,
| only particular configurations of these
| versions appear affected. The bad DAT file
| may infect individual workstations as well
| as workstations connected to a domain. The
| use of "ePolicyOrchestrator", which is used
| to update virus definitions across a
| network, appears to have lead to a faster
| spread of the bad DAT file. The
| ePolicyOrchestrator is used to update "DAT"
| files throughout enterprises. It can not be
| used to undo this bad signature because
| affected system will lose network
| connectivity.


Broken McAfee DAT update cripples Windows workstations

,----[ Quote ]
| McAfee pushed out a virus definition
| update, 5958, at 06:00 PDT that causes
| false positive identification of the
| critical Windows system file svchost.exe.
| Machines running Windows XP Service Pack 3
| using the 5958 definitions will delete the
| file, causing many key Windows services to
| fail to start. The Windows file is being
| mistakenly detected as W32/wecorl.a.
| Failure to start svchost.exe causes Windows
| to automatically reboot, hindering repair
| efforts.


McAfee seeks gag on exec ousted over options

,----[ Quote ]
| Former McAfee President Kevin Weiss, exonerated of wrongdoing in a stock
| option-backdating scandal, plans to ask a judge on Monday to unseal the
| arbitration award that cleared him of wrongdoing and ordered McAfee to pay
| damages for firing him without proper cause.

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