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[News] New Arrivals at Linux Graphics Stack, Funding

  • Subject: [News] New Arrivals at Linux Graphics Stack, Funding
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 19:59:45 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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AMD Catalyst 10.4 For Linux Officially Released

,----[ Quote ]
| While early adopters of Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid 
| Lynx" have had access to the Catalyst 10.4 
| Linux driver for more than a month (in 
| fact, two pre-releases) this afternoon AMD 
| has officially released their April Linux 
| driver.


X.Org Project Has Five New Summer Projects

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in March we talked about the possible 
| X.Org projects this year during Google's 
| Summer of Code, for which X.Org is a 
| veteran participant (in the past items like 
| the ATI R300 Gallium3D driver and generic 
| GPU video decoding have been tackled), but 
| the list of accepted projects for this 
| summer have now been announced. Gallium3D 
| H.264 video decoding, an OpenGL 3.2 state 
| tracker, and porting of the DRM code to 
| GNU/Hurd were among the talked about 
| possibilities, but none of those will be 
| addressed as part of GSoC 2010.


What Do You Want From NVIDIA's Next Driver?

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the common complaints that's also 
| come up as of late with NVIDIA's latest 
| Linux drivers have been issues surrounding 
| PowerMizer not working correctly, which is 
| hopefully one of the fixes that will work 
| its way into NVIDIA's Release 256 for Linux 
| / OpenSolaris / FreeBSD.
| In 2006 and 2007 there were security 
| problems with the binary NVIDIA Linux 
| driver and now there is apparently a new 
| zero-day vulnerability within NVIDIA's 
| Linux stack, which we hope will be fixed by 
| the NVIDIA 256.xx release. 


Nvidia Will Unify Desktop, Laptop Drivers


X.Org Server 1.8.1 Gets Ready For May Release

,----[ Quote ]
| X.Org Server 1.9 is the key interest now 
| among X developers working on the graphics 
| and input stacks with its release coming as 
| soon as August, but Peter Hutterer once 
| again is taking over the role of 
| maintaining the stable X.Org Server branch. 
| With X.Org Server 1.7.7 being nearly out of 
| the way, the first point release for X.Org 
| Server 1.8 is being prepared for release.



A challenge to alter Open Source landscape

,----[ Quote ]
| If the community-driven Open Source
| application development is to be considered
| the new age equivalent of the hippie
| movement, the coding community goes through
| a Summer of '69 almost every year.
| Coding challenges like the Google Summer of
| Code (SoC), organised between May and
| August, have, in many ways, altered the
| landscape of Open Source endeavours.
| UNIX was written by one person in a month,
| but today the space has been democratised,
| and an enthusiastic under-grad sending in
| an important bug fix becomes the new star
| on an Open Source mailing list.

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