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[News] Digital Economy Bill Loopholes Found, Deception Found in BPI

  • Subject: [News] Digital Economy Bill Loopholes Found, Deception Found in BPI
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 21:48:31 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Wi-Fi broadband 'loophole' in Digital Economy

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, it was reported that Nick Clegg 
| had suggested that if the Liberal Democrats 
| win the election they will repeal the 
| digital economy bill.


UK election: ask your candidates if they'll repeal the Digital Economy Act


BPI issue sunny news release, make themselves cry to stop us thinking it's alright now

,----[ Quote ]
| Great news from the BPI: Despite the UK 
| economy having been in recession last year, 
| the UK music industry saw an increase in 
| sales. In money terms:
|     A strong fourth quarter and increased 
|     digital income streams offset the 
|     reduced sales of physical formats as 
|     the UK recorded music market reported a 
|     modest 1.4% annual increase in total 
|     trade income for 2009 of Â928.8m, BPIâs 
|     annual survey of industry income 
|     revealed today. 
| Brilliant news, eh? Champagne all round, 
| barkeep and...
| Oh, hang on: if digital sales are growing 
| so strongly, then that kind-of makes the 
| arguments that without supertight new 
| copyright laws, the music industry will 
| vanish look like a bit of a fib. Quick, 
| everyone, turn those grins upside-down...


Don't secure your wifi!!! 

,----[ Quote ]
| Firstly let me stress that there a lot of 
| really good reasons to secure your network, 
| not least of which are privacy of your 
| machines and data, viruses spreading, and 
| even costs (you may pay for usage of your 
| internet!). If you have fire-walling 
| facilities allowing you to run a DMZ (de-
| militarized zone) for public wifi that is 
| safer.
| However, the Digital Economy Act has just 
| turned things on their head slightly. It 
| actually encourages you to run an open 
| wifi.



Digital economy bill backlash dominates e-election debate

,----[ Quote ]
| Only one thing mattered to the UK's digital
| constituency this week: the digital economy
| bill. The election date announcement meant
| the #debill, as it is referred to on
| Twitter, was hurried through parliament
| before the election.
| An ambitious bill designed to kickstart the
| UK's broadband-enabled future and tackle
| internet piracy, it deserved more scrutiny
| than two hours' late-night discussion in an
| empty chamber, but was passed on Wednesday
| with Tory support.


Leaders sign up for online debate


My digital pledges

,----[ Quote ]
| After the passing of the Digital Economy
| Act last week and before the political
| parties each launch a manifesto next week,
| I wanted to ask your advice on my own
| Internet pledges.
| [...]
| I believe that copyright and software
| patent laws should be reformed to reflect
| the needs of citizens in the Internet age.


The Red Flag Act 2010 (#DEBill and the Locomotive Acts)

,----[ Quote ]
| The Tory and Labour parties colluded in
| forcing through a piece of draft
| legislation today - the Digital Economy
| Bill - which is one of the most barefaced
| examples of Olde Media trying to protect
| it's position via legislative muscle.


A letter to my MP

,----[ Quote ]
| I am writing firstly to commend you for
| your attendance at the Digital Economy Bill
| Second Reading last night. I was one of
| thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of
| people watching the reading unfold on
| Twitter. By now perhaps some MPs and party
| strategists are digesting what happened but
| I wished to pick out a few things that
| seemed particularly relevant, particularly
| in the context of a general election.
| [...]
| Finally I would note that, while you were
| present, the lack of other Liberal
| Democrats in the house was noted. This is a
| natural constituency for your party. Indeed
| Bath has a vibrant technology community as
| you are no doubt aware. I hope your party
| strategists have seen the damage that was
| done last night and I hope they draw the
| logical conclusion. If the Liberal
| Democrats turn out in force tonight and
| bury this bill at the third reading then it
| will make a difference to your electoral
| results. If you want a hung parliament,
| this is the way to get it.


Big Musicâs IFPI calls for â3 strikesâ action

,----[ Quote ]
| The ink isnât even dry on Britainâs digital
| economy bill and Vivendi Universal
| (France), Sony (Japan), EMI (Britain), and
| Warner Music (US, but controlled by a
| Canadian) are already crowing.


Mandybill: It ain't over yet

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs a bit premature to declare winners and
| losers from the Digital Economy Bill just
| yet. The Open Rights Group may have given
| up campaigning â having already turned its
| front page into a giant click-through
| recruitment poster* - but the fight's not
| over. The legislation may yet fall.


International trade can't ration finite fossil fuels or tuna, 
but enthusiastically restricts infinite knowledge

,----[ Quote ]
| Colin Jackson, a commenter on a blog, on
| the miserable state of international law:
| "What a pity international governments
| don't seem to be able to make an agreement
| to ration finite resources like tuna,
| atmospheric carbon or fossil fuels, but
| instead devote their time to making an
| international agreement enforcing controls
| over something that costs no resources to
| copy."


Digital Economy Bill is "a victory for consumers", says Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The Digital Economy Bill's passing into law is
| "a victory for consumer empowerment" according
| to Neil Thompson, general manager of
| Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division.
| [...]
| The Digital Economy Bill as a whole is
| anything but a victory for consumers - it has
| highlighted serious failings in our
| Parliamentary process and a pandering to an
| industry that still lives in the dark ages. We
| fail to see how Thompson thinks that
| disconnecting users from the internet for
| alleged file sharing is a victory for
| consumers.


Digital economy bill: One clown giveth and the other clown taketh away

,----[ Quote ]
| If the government were to stop slavishly
| obeying the record companies as it formerly
| obeyed George Bush, and turn its attention
| to the real issue â how to support the arts
| in the digital age without impeding sharing
| â there is no shortage of methods it could
| try. My 1992 proposal for a special tax to
| be distributed to artists, with the money
| partly shifted from the most popular ones
| towards those not quite so successful, is
| still applicable. Meanwhile, many artists
| support themselves already with voluntary
| payments by their fans. If we make it
| easier to send these payments, with a send-
| one-dollar or send-one-pound button on
| every player, this method would work even
| better. And without disconnecting anyone!

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