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[News] Analysis of Microsoft's Latest Extortion Against Linux (Android)

  • Subject: [News] Analysis of Microsoft's Latest Extortion Against Linux (Android)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 21:49:40 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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HTC pays off Microsoft in Linux protection racket

,----[ Quote ]
| CONVICTED MONOPOLIST Microsoft has managed 
| to squeeze money from the smartphone maker 
| HTC for using some of its much talked about 
| but never revealed patents that Microsoft 
| claims implicate Linux as part of the 
| Android OS.
| According to the Vole's press website, 
| Microsoft and HTC have signed a patent 
| agreement that provides broad coverage 
| under Microsoft's patent portfolio for 
| HTC's mobile phones running the Android 
| mobile operating system. Under the terms of 
| the agreement, Microsoft will receive 
| royalties from HTC.


Microsoft Cross-Licensing Tactic May Get Teeth Pulled Soon

,----[ Quote ]
| I have often argued that the 
| diversification of Linux has always been 
| one of its big strengths: the richer the 
| distribution ecosystem is, the richer the 
| application set, and so forth.
| Today we saw another example of why the 
| decentralized nature of Linux is such a 
| plus, when Microsoft revealed it believes 
| Android infringes on its patents--a stick 
| Microsoft was willing to use when it 
| offered Taiwanese phone maker HTC the 
| carrot of a yet another cross-licensing 
| agreement.
| [...]
| I, for one, would be happy as a clam to see 
| software patent portfolios get blown out of 
| the water and let software companies 
| compete in terms of the things that matter, 
| rather than vague threats and insinuations.


Is the Microsoft-HTC patent deal more about Linux or Apple?

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple sued HTC in early March for alleged 
| IP infringement in the mobile phone space. 
| Apple is claiming HTC is infringing 20 
| Apple patents related to the iPhoneâs user 
| interface, underlying architecture and 
| hardware.
| When Apple sued HTC, I asked Microsoft for 
| comment, thinking Microsoft execs might be 
| willing to come to HTCâs defense â to some 
| extent, at least â given HTC sells Windows 
| Mobile phones, as well as Android-based 
| ones. But Microsoft officials wouldnât 
| provide a statement of any kind.
| A statement I received from a Microsoft 
| spokesperson makes a not-so-thinly-veiled 
| reference to the Apple case (at least the 
| way I read it):
|     âAs you may be aware, many technology 
|     companies active in the growing 
|     smartphone space have been taking 
|     increasing steps to protect their 
|     inventions. As the two companies have a 
|     long history of technical and 
|     commercial collaboration, Microsoft 
|     views this agreement as an effective 
|     example of how industry leaders can 
|     reach commercially reasonable 
|     arrangements that address intellectual 
|     property concerns.â


Rob Enderle trivialises it:

Microsoft's HTC License for Android: Why the Microsoft/Google War Shifted to Microsoft 


Microsoft signs Android patent deal with HTC


Microsoft Signs Android Patent Deal With HTC


Microsoft Announces Patent Agreement With HTC


Microsoft Signs Android Patent Deal with HTC


Microsoft â Vampires to suck revenue from HTC / Android?

,----[ Quote ]
| On a recommendation of a friend I tried 
| Android, specifically with the HTC Hero.  I 
| was very impressed, not only at how much I 
| could do, but how quickly I could do it.
| So now we see a world where Microsoft does 
| not need to deploy a phone or an OS.  They 
| can simply wait and then play a patent card 
| in the hope they can cream royalties of the 
| top of someone elseâs success (and I think 
| its agreed that HTC/Android combo is a 
| great product)
| Theres a great message to innovators out 
| there: Dont create anything too popular or 
| functional as you may find a hungry pair of 
| Microsoft eyes watching youâ..


Microsoft's chief bully is deliberately spreading more FUD:

Microsoft says Android infringes on its patents, licenses HTC (update: talking to other Android manufacturers as well)

,----[ Quote ]
| Update: Microsoft deputy general counsel of intellectual property 
| Horacio Gutierrez just sent us a statement saying that the company's 
| been "talking to several device manufacturers to address our concerns 
| relative to the Android mobile platform."



Sun exec accuses Microsoft of 'patent terrorism'

,----[ Quote ]
| The efforts of Microsoft to pressure the Linux community over alleged and
| unspecified patents is akin to "patent terrorism", according to a local
| executive for Sun Microsystems.


Microsoft, the art of Corporate Terrorism.

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, no longer the technological leader in the Computer Desktop
| market, is taking on a terrorist role in its attempt remain in power
| at all costs. (see the link to the CNN story below)
| The tactic is intended to frighten current, and would be, free
| software users away from products that Microsoft just can't compete
| with. It's not a new tactic, but for the first time desperation is
| beginning to show.


Convicted Monopolist Terrorizes Software Industry

,----[ Quote ]
| That headline is designed to grab your attention. Sensationalistic as
| it may be, it also happens to be true, if what you mean by 'terrorize'
| is to provoke fear.
| If you've been following the presidential race in the United States,
| you know the present crop of candidates have been exploiting the fear
| of the American people as they never have before in the history of
| the country.

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