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[News] [Rival] The Apple-Apathetic Turns Against Apple After Raiding for Abuse of Blogger After Suggestive Letters

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] The Apple-Apathetic Turns Against Apple After Raiding for Abuse of Blogger After Suggestive Letters
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 21:51:23 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Evil Has Multiple Heads

,----[ Quote ]
| We should not ignore Apple any longer as 
| the enemy of our enemy. Apple is not our 
| friend. Three years ago, I enlightened my 
| brother about the merits of GNU/Linux as 
| compared to MacOS. For schools, there is 
| not much comparison. Appleâs products cost 
| much more than free software and hardware. 
| They do not really work any better either. 
| Schools do not need software whose supplier 
| has made a deal with the devil to be 
| allowed to run on Appleâs hardware.


Cops Bust Into Gizmodo Editor's Home And Seize Computers, Documents In iPhone Probe (AAPL)


Computers Seized at Home of Gizmodo Reporter Who Wrote About iPhone, Gawker Media Says



That Lost 4G Phone


Apple sued by Elan Microelectronics over touch-screen technology

,----[ Quote ]
| The sale of Apple's iPhone and iPad in the 
| US is under threat after the US 
| International Trade Commission initiated a 
| formal investigation into the company for 
| allegedly infringing a patent covering 
| multi-touch technology.
| The ITC, which has the power to ban the 
| import and sale of products, said it was 
| responding to a request from the Taiwanese 
| touchscreen maker Elan Microelectronics, 
| which has a patent for technology that 
| detects the simultaneous presence of two or 
| more fingers on a touchscreen or touchpad. 


What is Apple Inc.'s role in task force investigating iPhone case?

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea was to bring a variety of business 
| interests and police agencies together to 
| help combat identity theft, computer fraud, 
| and the like. The team's website explains 
| that "high tech companies ... provide 
| specialized training, liaison personnel and 
| internal support for task force 
| investigations."
| What's curious is that one of those high-
| tech companies providing training, 
| personnel, and support to the task force is 
| Apple Inc., the alleged victim in the 
| Gizmodo case. According to this May 2009 
| story from the San Jose Business Journal, 
| Apple is one of the 25 companies that sit 
| on REACT's "steering committee." Which 
| raises the question as to whether Apple, 
| which was outraged enough about Gizmodo's 
| $5,000 purchase of the lost iPhone for CEO 
| Steve Jobs to reportedly call Gawker Media 
| owner Nick Denton to demand its return, 
| sicked its high-tech cops on Chen.


Apple Just Says Yes to iPhone Game for Smokers

,----[ Quote ]
| Blogs and message boards have been lighting 
| up with the buzz about Appleâs family-
| friendly App Store policy, which bans soft 
| porn and satire â but a game that glorifies 
| smoking somehow got the green light.


Apple Bans Online Sales In Japan

,----[ Quote ]
| The comments in the Japanese business 
| newspapers suggest that Apple believes 
| online shopping confers an aura of 
| 'cheapness' on their products; but surely 
| killing the Apple store's competition must 
| have entered into the calculation.


OverREACTing: Dissecting the Gizmodo Warrant

,----[ Quote ]
| Federal and California law both protect 
| reporters against police searches aimed at 
| uncovering confidential sources or seizing 
| other information developed during 
| newsgathering activities. Yet on Friday, 
| agents with the Rapid Enforcement Allied 
| Computer Team (REACT) executed a search 
| warrant at Gizmodo editor Jason Chenâs 
| home, searching for evidence related to 
| Gizmodo's scoop on what appears to be a 
| pre-release version of Apple's next iPhone 
| model. The warrant does not reveal whether 
| Chen himself is considered a criminal 
| suspect, or what alleged crime the police 
| are investigating, but Chen was not 
| arrested. All of his computers and hard 
| drives (among other materials) were seized 
| for further search and analysis. 



Cops raid Gizmodo editor in pursuit of iPhone 4G 'felony'

,----[ Quote ]
| Gizmodo editor Jason Chen has been raided
| by Silicon Valley's computer crime force in
| hot pursuit of the case of the missing
| iPhone prototype. According to a bulletin
| published by Gizmodo today, they broke down
| the front door to gain entry, and departed
| some hours later with a truck containing
| Chen's computer equipment.


Police Seize Jason Chen's Computers

,----[ Quote ]
| Last Friday night, California's Rapid
| Enforcement Allied Computer Team entered
| editor Jason Chen's home without him
| present, seizing four computers and two
| servers. They did so using a warrant by
| Judge of Superior Court of San Mateo.
| According to Gaby Darbyshire, COO of Gawker
| Media LLC, the search warrant to remove
| these computers was invalid under section
| 1524(g) of the California Penal Code.


A Letter: Apple Wants Its Secret iPhone Back


Appeals Court Upholds Ruling That Blog Commenter Was Not A Journalist

,----[ Quote ]
| While lots of attention was paid to the
| claims that the confiscation of Gizmodo
| reporter Jason Chen's computer's would
| "settle" whether bloggers are considered
| journalists, the details in that case
| suggest otherwise. However, a much more
| important case on that particular question
| was decided late last week. It's the case
| of Shellee Hale, which we've covered in the
| past. Basically, Hale posted some
| information claiming a security breach at
| another company. She revealed this
| information as a comment on another site --
| and when she was sued, the company demanded
| she reveal where she got that information
| from. She claimed that her sources were
| protected, as she was a journalist.


The Tales of Two Top Secret Stolen Smartphone Prototypes


Gizmodoâs iPhone 4 story, as painted by PC World and IDGâs Apple haters


Want Porn? Buy an Android Phone, Steve Jobs Says

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite yesterdayâs iPhone debacle, Jobs
| was still in a chatty-enough mood to
| respond to a concerned customerâs e-mail
| questioning Appleâs role as âmoral policeâ
| of its App Store. The customer, Matthew
| Browing, was referring to the App Storeâs
| initial rejection of an app containing Mark
| Fioreâs Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoon,
| as well as the companyâs recent porn ban.


Steve Jobs: 'Folks Who Want Porn Can Buy An Android Phone'

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