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Re: [News] Explanation from African About Free Software Adoption Hurdles

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____/ JeffM on Friday 30 Apr 2010 17:41 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> The Linux-Vendor Factors- Part of the FOSS adoption problems in Africa
>>|Linux[...]How do you get people to use it
>>|when they have no reliable and affordable internet connection?
> Good article.
> Folks in First World countries (but who live out in the sticks)
> have a similar problem with only being able to get 20kbps dial-up
> (if they're lucky).
> :With Windows, when I need an application,
> :all I have to do is get its .exe file from a friend and I'm good to
> go.
> :
> ...and hope that that "sneakernet" doesn't have
> the latest of the >1,000,000 Windoze-specific infections on it.
> One of the biggest advantages of Linux it that it has vetted
> repositories.
> If you're willing to go the sneakernet way with Linux,
> there's something even better than what the Windoze world has.
> It's called APTonCD and has been around for years:
> http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/115226
> }Used in conjunction with the apt-mirror utility,
> }APTonCD can back up an entire package repository,
> }spanning several CDs or DVDs.
> }
> ...and since your Linux package manager
> takes care of dependencies for you,
> you don't end up with the SAME ancillary items
> duplicated MULTIPLE times on your sneakernet
> as well as on your HDD.

This is why software that's included by default in a distro matters a lot.
This issue came up when Ubuntu removed GIMP.

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