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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.4 Continues Receiving Good Reviews and Industry Support

  • Subject: [News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.4 Continues Receiving Good Reviews and Industry Support
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 03 May 2010 12:39:14 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Ubuntu 10.4 lives up to the hype

,----[ Quote ]
| With Ubuntu 10.4 there is a lot of good and 
| it begins with the installer. One of the 
| issues Iâve had with Live CDs is that a new-
| to-Linux user has trouble understanding the 
| concept of the live CD. Ubuntu has solved 
| this by not really stressing the âlive CDâ 
| aspect. Instead they have a bootable CD 
| that, upon boot, right away presents you 
| with two options:
|     * Try out Ubuntu
|     * Install Ubuntu
| It canât get any clearer than this. No more 
| will new users load up a live CD and wonder 
| why there is an Install icon on the desktop. 
| This is just one more step towards that 
| user-friendly Nirvana that all OS developers 
| are searching for.


Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx Linux OS Debuts With an Eye on ISVs

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu Linux 10.4 release codenamed the 
| Lucid Lynx is set for general availability 
| today, providing users with new desktop, 
| server and cloud capabilities. Canonical, 
| the lead commercial sponsor behind Ubuntu, 
| is also highlighting the broad ISV support 
| for the release.
| The Lucid release is particularly important 
| for Ubuntu as it is the project's first 
| enterprise Long-Term Support (LTS) release 
| since the 8.04 Hardy Heron release in 2008. 
| Ubuntu LTS releases come out every two years 
| and offer three years of support on the 
| desktop and five years on the server, while 
| regular Ubuntu releases only come with 
| support for 18 months.


Ubuntu 10.04 Server Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu Server Edition is changing the server 
| market for businesses by delivering the best 
| of free software on a stable, fully 
| supported and secure platform.
| [...]
| Most organizations want the reassurance of 
| having a professional service behind them, 
| that s why Canonical provides exceptional 
| services for Ubuntu Server Edition.


Software Review: Ubuntu 10.04 - Late Night Thoughts


Ubuntu 10.04: First Impressions and Features


Ubuntu Launches 10.04 'Lucid Lynx'


Ubuntu 10.10 for netbooks to have single menu bar design

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu 
| project, this week announced that the next 
| version of Ubuntu will incorporate a global 
| menu bar for all of its applications. The 
| new universal menubar will only be enabled 
| by default on the netbook edition of Ubuntu 
| 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat".


Much Awaited And Fully Loaded Ubuntu 10.04 LTS "Lucid Lynx" Released!


Ubuntu 10.04 - Perfect


Ubuntu 10.04 Screenshots


Put Windows to the Most Appropriate Use: Create a Bootable USB Stick with Ubuntu 10.04

,----[ Quote ]
| The following steps provide two methods of 
| putting the fresh new release of Ubuntu 
| 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) on a USB stick. The 
| first method will create a bootable USB 
| stick with a live version and the second 
| process will create a live version with 
| persistence. Both methods are an excellent 
| way to always have your favorite Ubuntu 
| system and software with you at all times 
| and it makes for one of the simplest ways to 
| conduct an install to a hard drive. 


Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 Post Installation Guide 


(X)ubuntu 10.04

,----[ Quote ]
| On a final note, I will say that performance 
| has improved drastically with the 10.04 
| release. Some of the issues I encountered in 
| the previous kernel version have also been 
| resolved. The boot time is only a fraction 
| of what it was in 9.10, and with 10.04 being 
| a LTS release, I am very confident that I 
| will be more than satisfied with the *buntu 
| family of operating systems for quite some 
| time. The speed, security, simplicity, and 
| stability are definitely unmatched by 
| previous releases, and compete well with 
| many of the other systems currently 
| available.


Next Ubuntu netbook edition will have global menu

,----[ Quote ]
| Incidentally, the Netbook Edition of 
| Canonicalâs Ubuntu 10.04, which will be 
| officially released tomorrow, features the 
| âindustry-leading interface for these 
| smaller screens,â the company claims.

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