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[News] Wearable Computers Run GNU/Linux

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wearable linux computer, makes you feel like cap'n crunch

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the 1D/2D scanner imager available as 
| an extension to the wearable w200 rugged Linux 
| computer. Finally the Linux equivalent of the 
| cap'n crunch secret decoder ring.



Review: Glacier Computer's Ridgeline W200 Wearable Computer

,----[ Quote ]
| Available with either Linux or Windows CE 6.0, the device has built-in
| Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi to access remote networks. An integrated GPS
| receiver also is available. The processor is a Marvell (formerly Intel
| XScale) PXA270 that runs at 400MHz, and it is built with 128 MB of RAM.


A call for a Linux powered wearable PC

,----[ Quote ]
| Now while the above examples are just my concept of how easy it would be to
| assemble a wearable PC using what's already out there, it does show that it
| is possible, is very desirable (I'd definitely be first to line up at the
| door to get one), and extremely practical.  Now, the only thing we need is
| for either the FOSS community, or some major OEM (who supports Linux) to
| create such a device.  With it, a lot of people could do a lot of great
| things.


Land Warrior System: Inside the Pentagon's New High-Tech Gear

,----[ Quote ]
| The Kevlar Advanced Combat Helmet weighs approximately 3 pounds --
| half the weight of current models. An eyepiece (A) bolted to the
| helmet acts as a full-color computer interface, displaying maps
| and images from the camera on the weapon. A boom mic (B) and
| over-the-ear headphones (C) allow troops to communicate...

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