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[News] Fedora 14 is About to Get a Name

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,----[ Quote ]
| Voting is now open for the Fedora 14 
| release name. Naming the next release is 
| yet another way that our community is 
| involved in making the future of Fedora. If 
| you're a member of any group in Fedora 
| (beyond completing the CLA), you can vote 
| on this ballot.


Fedora 14 Might Be Called Fytnargin

,----[ Quote ]
| As was reported last month, with 
| development on Fedora 13 winding down for a 
| release in two weeks, planning for Fedora 
| 14 has got underway. One of the first steps 
| taken by the Fedora and Red Hat communities 
| is coming up with a new codename for the 
| next release, for which they have been 
| reaching out to the community for in recent 
| times.


Gunfight at the Linux Corral

,----[ Quote ]
| Truth be told, you probably could not go 
| wrong with any of the distros I listed. For 
| raw speed I would definitely recommend 
| Fedora 12. It is just crazy fast. The rest 
| of the distros are perfectly fine in their 
| own right, but were simply not what I was 
| looking for. If your favorite distro is not 
| listed, it does not mean I have not seen or 
| tested it. As stated before, the above is 
| just a small sampling of my most recent 
| adventures. So if you have no social life, 
| and there is nothing good on TV, grab 
| yourself a bunch of Linux distros and get 
| to it! If an idiot like me can do it, so 
| can you!



Expected features in Fedora 13 Goddard

,----[ Quote ]
| boot.fedoraproject.org (BFO) is one of the
| unique features in Fedora. This effort by
| Fedora community hopes to completely remove DVD
| installations in long term. It allows users to
| download a single, tiny image and install
| current and future versions of Fedora without
| having to download additional images.
| This method is similar to Pxeboot, can also be
| considered as a Fedora branded version
| ofboot.kernel.org.


Fedora 13 coming soon!

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