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[News] Java's Father Commends Oracle's Java Updates

  • Subject: [News] Java's Father Commends Oracle's Java Updates
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 06 May 2010 11:40:17 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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James Gosling praises Oracle's Java technology updates

,----[ Quote ]
| Although Java founder James Gosling has left 
| Oracle apparently under less-than-cordial 
| circumstances, he still can be found 
| championing Java technologies now sponsored 
| by Oracle.



Why Java could thrive at Oracle

,----[ Quote ]
| While there is no reason for Oracle to upset
| the Java community at this point, I highly
| doubt the company will continue with certain
| projects that are either direct open-source
| competition, or that require too much
| additional effort to be worth it for Oracle to
| continue.


Java vs. C++: The Performance Showdown

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the early days of the Java programming
| language, some have argued that Java's being an
| interpreted language has made it inferior to the
| likes of C and C++ in terms of performance. Of
| course, C++ devotees would never, ever even
| consider Java a âproperâ language, while the
| Java crowd always throws âwrite once, run
| everywhereâ in the faces of the C++ programmers.


Java vs. .Net: Java programmers gain the edge

,----[ Quote ]
| The flexibility that Java brings through its
| open source framework, has made it more
| popular. .NET in its complete form can only be
| installed on computers running a Microsoft
| Windows operating system, whereas Java can be
| installed on computers running any operating
| systems such as Linux, Solaris, Mac OS or
| Windows.


JetBrains releases two variants of Java development
environment IntelliJ IDEA 9

,----[ Quote ]
| Version 9 of Java development environment
| IntelliJ IDEA has now been released in two
| variants â  a commercial version, dubbed
| Ultimate Edition, and an open source Community
| Edition. The Apache 2.0 licence, which is also
| used by other JetBrains open source projects,
| has been selected for the Community Edition.


Sun Releases Java EE 6, Glassfish v3 Portfolio, and NetBeans 6.8

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems has announced the official
| release of the Java EE 6 specification, along
| with Glassfish V3 (the Java EE 6 reference
| implementation), and NetBeans 6.8, which
| enables you to easily build Java EE 6
| applications.


Sun Releases 3 Java Upgrades as EU Begins Closed-Door Merger Hearing

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun appears to have timed the release of
| three updated versions of its Java
| enterprise software products to coincide
| with a closed-door hearing in Europe about
| Oracle's planned takeover. Could be the
| company wants to send regulators a message
| that it's still viable and still
| innovating. It's also quite likely that
| Sun is seeking to reassure customers, who
| are no doubt becoming restless.


News Brief: Google Revs Web Development With GWT 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Web-based applications are at the core of
| Google's strategy. As a result, it's not
| surprising that Google has been embarking
| on a strategy to help both itself and the
| wider developer community build better Web
| applications.
| Key to Google's Web application
| development effort is its Google Web Tools
| (GWT) applications, which became open
| source in 2006. This week, Google debuted
| GWT 2.0, which provides new developer
| workflow improvements as well performance
| enhancements.

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