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[News] New Wins for Open Access and Content

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WWW2010: How a big-deal conference does open content

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, Internet luminaries from around 
| the globe descended upon Raleigh, NC for 
| the WWW2010 conference.  The theme for 2010 
| was openness, and that (along with its 
| proximity to Red Hat HQ) made this year's 
| events particularly exciting.


Governor Schwarzenegger Announces Results of Free Digital Textbook Initiative
 Phase Two Announces 17 New Standards-Aligned Free Digital Textbooks Available 
for Californiaâs Classrooms 

,----[ Quote ]
| Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today 
| announced the results of the second phase 
| of his first-in-the-nation free Digital 
| Textbook Initiative to provide Californiaâs 
| students and teachers with free, high-
| quality open educational resources. 
| Seventeen free digital textbooks for high 
| school history, science and higher-level 
| math were reviewed against Californiaâs 
| rigorous academic content standards and are 
| now available for use in Californiaâs 
| classrooms.


The Future of Open Data Looks LikeâGithub?

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm sure there are others. Still, the 
| future to me in this area seems clear: 
| weâre going to see transformation of 
| datasets incorporated into the 
| marketplaces. As the demand for public data 
| increases, the market will demand higher 
| quality, easier to work with data. With 
| that demand will come supply, one way or 
| another. Thereâs little sense in having 
| each individual consumer of the data 
| replicate the same steps to make it usable. 
| The question will be which one of the 
| marketplaces learns from Github and its 
| brethren first.



EU KLEMS Growth and Productivity Accounts

,----[ Quote ]
| The November 2009 release is an update of
| the March 2008 release. It provides data up
| to 2007, but for a limited set of variables
| and industries (32 instead of 72
| industries).


Talkin' about a revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| There is news for subscribers of the open-
| source school who have been waiting for the
| day when tax-funded research will be freely
| accessible by all â mountain is about to
| come to Mohammed a la MIT open courseware.
| And the ministry of human resources
| development (MHRD) has chosen design
| education to test the waters.

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