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[News] ACTA Faces New Challenges, Backlash

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EFA: Cybercrime treaty an 'advance party' for ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| Australia's sudden decision to sign a 
| European cybercrime treaty could lay the 
| groundwork for aspects of the controversial 
| Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), 
| according to Electronic Frontiers 
| Australia.
| Last Friday, Attorney-General Robert 
| McClelland and Minister for Foreign Affairs 
| Stephen Smith announced that Australia 
| would accede to the Council of Europe 
| Convention on Cybercrime.


How ACTA Exports Worst Of US Copyright Law Without Corresponding Exceptions

,----[ Quote ]
| And, of course, the rationale for all of 
| this? It's based on studies that our own 
| government now says were bogus. 


ACTA written declaration: 223 signatures to go!

,----[ Quote ]
| La Quadrature du Net has sent a letter to 
| the Members of the European Parliament who 
| have yet to sign written declaration 12 
| regarding ACTA, urging them to do so.


Indian Official: ACTA Out Of Sync With TRIPS and Public Health 

,----[ Quote ]
| All the ânoble announcementsâ made by EU 
| and US officials about respect for the Doha 
| Declaration on intellectual property trade 
| and public health when negotiating the 
| Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) 
| does not match the ACTA text, warned 
| Ashutosh Jindal, adviser at the Embassy of 
| India to the EU at a hearing organised by 
| the Green Party Group in Brussels 
| yesterday. The much-debated agreement that 
| has only recently been made public would be 
| very hard on countries like India that are 
| trying to balance competing public policy 
| issues, IPR protection and public health. 
| Jindal pointed to provisions like ex-
| officio actions by border personnel on all 
| types of IP rights infringements, including 
| not only trademark infringement. The bar 
| for searches and seizures is proposed to be 
| lowered to a mere suspect of 
| counterfeiting. ACTA seems to be an attempt 
| to force developing countries to much 
| harsher IPR protection measures, he said.


Help sign the Written Declaration 12/2010 about ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| The Written declaration 12/2010 was 
| initiated by the Members of European 
| Parliament FranÃoise Castex (S&D, FR), 
| Alexander Alvaro (ALDE, DE), Stavros 
| Lambrinidis (S&D, GR) and Zuzana Roithovà 
| (EPP, CZ). It expresses concern about ACTA 
| by declaring that the negotiated agreement 
| must respect freedom of expression, privacy 
| and Net neutrality (by protecting Internet 
| actors against excessive legal liability). 
| It calls on the Commission to publish all 
| the texts under negotiation.


'What is the point of ACTA?' asks French collecting society 

,----[ Quote ]
| The French audio-visual collecting society, 
| SACD, says the dispute over ACTA 
| transparency is â a dialogue of the deafâ. 
| The SACD, which lobbied heavily for the 
| copyright enforcement provisions in the 
| Telecoms Package, now seems to be 
| suggesting that there is no point to ACTA 
| (Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement). We 
| should ask why they might say this? 


Digital rights and Digital Economy Bill: an election issue

,----[ Quote ]
| The politicians that have understood these 
| questions have not been exclusively from 
| one side of the debate. Bill Cash and John 
| Redwood, as well as David Davies, stood up 
| for our arguments; Labour MPs including Tom 
| Watson, Eric Joyce and Mark Lazarowicz took 
| a stand; Liberal Democrats including Nick 
| Clegg have been highly critical, as well as 
| Greens Caroline Lucas and Adrian Ramsay.



Guest Post - ACTA Text Released: Impact On India and Other Developing Countries

,----[ Quote ]
| The metaphorical 'season-finale' of the ACTA
| negotiations, after relentless calls for
| transparency and public consultation,
| revealed the much awaited official draft
| text of the agreement, generating
| significant issues for not only
| participating nations but also developing
| countries that have been curiously
| overlooked during the discussions. In this
| post, I intend to bring out the political
| and diplomatic factors for such exclusion,
| and the impact of the substantive provisions
| contained in the draft text on developing
| countries, including India.


The tail wagging the dog

,----[ Quote ]
| The "copyright" industry consisting of a
| technologically obsolete Hollywood studios;
| music recording companies; and publishers of
| books is minuscule . To protect this
| pipsqueak industry, the Obama administration
| proposes both through the Department of
| Justice and the ACTA to impose draconian
| steps that will threaten many other not so
| pipsqueak industries, including the IT
| industry. Michele and I have pointed out the
| problem before.


Caught in the ACTA: piracy and patents

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