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[News] Free Software Skills Valued in India, Liberia

  • Subject: [News] Free Software Skills Valued in India, Liberia
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 17:52:28 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Hyderabad: The New Training Destination For Open Source Enthusiasts

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source is the 'buzz' word in the IT 
| fraternity these days. From bigwigs like 
| Google or Yahoo! to SMEs, everyone is 
| embracing open source with open arms. The 
| main stumbling block is a severe talent 
| crunch for most players. Shortage of 
| enterprise-ready professionals who can be 
| put on the job from day one and keeping the 
| current resource pool up-to-date on the 
| latest technologies are the twin issues 
| faced by open source adopters. To tide over 
| this problem, Taashee Linux Services, an 
| open source software and training company, 
| has opened a new Red Hat Training facility 
| at Hyderabad, a city that is poised to 
| become the next IT and electronics hub of 
| India.


Liberia will need Open Source Software Solutions instead of costly Proprietary Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| The global financial crisis that began a few 
| years ago has had an impact on every 
| industry, organization, government, etc. ICT 
| departments facing this crisis have had to 
| seek low cost alternatives and solutions to 
| ensure business continuity. Because of its 
| unique model, costs-saving and robustness, 
| Open Source software has become the 
| alternative that ICT executives have turned 
| to. Since it is flexible and provides 
| several capabilities, Open Source software 
| has made way into the enterprise so fast 
| that its impact has been felt significantly 
| on economies, especially during the recent 
| financial crisis. Because of this, it has 
| become ubiquitous in the ICT industry.
| [...]
| Open Source Software provides a multitude of 
| options that can be used in the enterprise. 
| Linux, Apache, MySQL, PostGre, Java, PHP, 
| etc., are a few of the many low cost 
| software options that Open Source provides 
| to enterprises. Proprietary software like 
| Windows, Internet Information Server, SQL, 
| Microsoft.Net are software with prohibitive 
| cost that a nation like Liberia, still 
| struggling to build an ICT sector, should 
| consider implementing after exploring more 
| cost-effective options. 


"Government attorneys accuse Microsoft of using its monopoly
position to bully, bribe and attempt to collude with others in the
 industry, while illegally expanding and protecting its Windows franchise."

        --The antitrust case: a timeline


Open Source Infrastructure Management tool helps JSL reduce downtime by over 50 percent

,----[ Quote ]
| Dhir decided that he would go in for an open
| source IT infrastructure management tool,
| after making all the necessary tests. âWe
| were treading on a new path where few
| organizations in India had walked on.


Do It Yourself! It works

,----[ Quote ]
| How has your experience been with open source?
| There is a big misconception that open source
| is cheap and free. I would rather say its
| virtues are flexibility, robustness and its
| capability to address any kind of business
| challenge, which is what, is often missing in
| other options. For one, security loopholes
| are less of a concern with open source. Many
| applications and the email platforms have now
| been virtualized and powered with open source
| at the company. And that has interestingly
| been with purely in-house efforts. That has
| helped us save a lot of capex and operational
| costs.


MSU BCA students' Install Fest' a treat for IT savvy

,----[ Quote ]
| This is one fest in M S University (MSU) that
| will definitely be different from the usual
| students' events. Install Fest - to be hosted
| by Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
| students - will celebrate the launch of two
| operating systems by Linux Worldwide. Instead
| of the usual cultural and competitive events,
| visitors will be given demonstration of the
| systems and can even download it in laptops
| or CPUs as well as pen drives.
| This event is on similar lines that happen in
| software hubs like Silicon Valley in USA on
| every weekend. The fest will begin with
| demonstration of the usage and features of
| the community driven operating systems -
| OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. BCA students will also
| orient people on different uses of Linux like
| coding, presentations, office, gaming,
| designing and other features in the Saturday
| event.

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