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[News] Business and Free Software: Success Stories and Lessons

  • Subject: [News] Business and Free Software: Success Stories and Lessons
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 18:09:25 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Open Source offers more to CIOs

,----[ Quote ]
| âQuality. Price. Service. Pick any two,â 
| said a very succinct placard in Damodar's 
| tailor shop. Back in the days when clothes 
| were tailored, Damodar was one of the best 
| in the business and he definitely knew what 
| he was talking about.
| However, in the software industry, the 
| emergence of open source software (OSS) has 
| turned this dynamic on its head. It is no 
| longer about, âPick any two,â but âPick ALL 
| three.â


Further Evaluating Commercial Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| As we all know measures of success are 
| subjective. I believe commercial open source 
| is proving to be a viable and successful 
| model based on its ability to deliver real 
| value to both customers and investors.
| [...]
| So we are constantly asked about why we put 
| our software out as open source. The 
| advantages of the commercial open source 
| approach for the vendor, users and business 
| community have become clear and include:
| â Users can try the product before buying, 
| eliminating much of the sales activities of 
| ordinary enterprise software
| â Lower cost of development through use of 
| other open source components and 
| contributions


Open-Xchange Intros Simplified SaaS Partner Pricing

,----[ Quote ]
| The new OXrate pricing program has five SaaS 
| partner levels based on the providers' 
| customer base which ranges from less than 
| 1,000 to more than 250,000 customers. Each 
| level offers two options of pricing, flat 
| rate and guaranteed revenue.


Panasonic Announces Digium(R) Asterisk(R) Certification for Its New TGP500 Series SIP Cordless Phone System


Metasploit's HD Moore from (almost) rags to (not quite) riches

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, I got on the phone with HD Moore 
| to ask him how things have been going since 
| he sold Metasploit to Rapid7, sending the 
| open source security world into a frenzy 
| some six months ago. Rapid7 had just 
| released the commercial version, dubbed 
| Metasploit Express, of Moore's much beloved 
| open source penetration testing tool.



VC Funding for FLOSS Dips in 2009: Rebound in 2010?

,----[ Quote ]
| But the good news is that open source vendors
| pulled ahead of the pack. Aslett writes that
| "OSS-related vendors fared better in terms of
| investment compared to software as a whole."
| This takes into account 67 deals, with a dip
| of 25% year over year from 2008. The total
| investment bill came in at about $375 million.

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