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[News] Liberal Democrats Chat About Free Software; More on OpentheGovernment.org

  • Subject: [News] Liberal Democrats Chat About Free Software; More on OpentheGovernment.org
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 18:12:50 +0100
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Election special: Liberal Democrats discuss 
tech manifesto 

,----[ Quote ]
| V3.co.uk: How does the Liberal Democrat 
| party plan to increase open-source take-up 
| in the sector?
| John Thurso: The Labour government spends 
| Â16bn a year on IT, but has a very poor 
| record on IT procurement and has regularly 
| been criticised by the National Audit 
| Office. The Liberal Democrats will improve 
| government IT procurement, investigating the 
| potential of different approaches such as 
| cloud computing and open-source software.
| Does the party believe that open-source is a 
| better alternative to proprietary software, 
| and if so why?
| Open-source software can be cheaper than 
| proprietary or bespoke software and we 
| believe that government should consider 
| open-source solutions in all IT procurement. 
| The Liberal Democrats will conduct a full 
| review of IT procurement procedures, and 
| work with industry to improve cross-
| government working practices and save money.


Agency that initiated open gov process ranks near last in open gov study

,----[ Quote ]
| The agency tasked with spearheading the 
| White House's open-government efforts ranked 
| nearly last in a survey of open-government 
| practices, according to a new report.
| In an audit of those plans, which all 
| federal agencies released in April, the 
| group OpentheGovernment.org found that the 
| Office of Management and Budget assembled 
| one of the poorest open-government 
| strategies across the entire Obama 
| administration.



BPI drafted the Lib Dem / Conservative web blocking amendment

,----[ Quote ]
| Just in case you were wondering where the
| idea for a web blocking amendment came from,
| we attach to this blog post a copy of the
| BPIâs draft, along with their justification
| for it.
| Now, amendments often come from lobby and
| campaign groups, including us, not least
| because itâs the easiest way for them to show
| parliamentarians what they want. But the fact
| that twice, with the original copyright by
| diktat proposal, and then the web blocking
| proposal, the BPI essentially got to write
| what they wanted and get it proposed more or
| less wholesale as law, in such a tremendously
| sensitive area and in such a one-sided
| manner, shows something is very wrong with
| the way this debate is being conducted.

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