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[News] Killer NIC is Back and It Runs Linux

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Bigfoot Networks Announces 3rd Gen Killer NIC: Killer 2100

,----[ Quote ]
| The Killer NIC marked a sort of return to the 
| idea of a complex NIC, forgoing a simple 
| controller/PHY combination in favor of a 
| complex dedicated device capable of acting 
| more independently. By endowing a NIC with a 
| full-fledged microcomputer running Linux, not 
| only could the card offload virtually every 
| part of processing required for network 
| operations, but it could even bypass Windowsâ 
| notorious networking stack and handle packets 
| in a manner better suited for low-latency use 
| (i.e. games)



BigFoot Networks Killer NIC K1 and FNA Bit Torrent Client Review

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most interesting features of the Killer NIC is this FNA
| technology that basically allows you to run applications on your card 
| on the embedded Linux OS.  The Killer NIC is more or less a very
| small computer with a CPU, RAM and connectivity of a USB port and
| thus you or others have the ability to write software to interact
| with it. 


The Killer NIC Posts Bounty For Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| The firewall is based on the wildly popular iptables open source
| firewall for Linux. 


Bigfoot Killer NIC Review

,----[ Quote ]
| All that aside, this 400MHz processor has me drooling though. You
| can run CPU hogging apps on the card with the processor and the
| Linux OS on the card. Teamspeak anyone? Better yet, run your
| anti virus program on the card instead of your main processor.


Bigfoot's Killer Network Interface Card reviewed

,----[ Quote ]
| They've managed to take a commodity PC component and build $280 PCI
| card around it, complete with 64MB of DDR RAM and a 400MHz processor.
| Cries of extortion and vaporware have been leveled, but now that IGN have
| got their hands on the device, they seem to think it's worth the
| hyperbole. One thing they were careful to point out before firing it up is
| that the Killer NIC runs Linux, so that processor and RAM can be put to
| more use than just routing your frags -- a firewall or a bit of anti-virus
| software could reside right on the card to check over data before it
| even gets to your PC, and IGN figures a BitTorrent client would be
| possible, allowing for full-speed gaming while you use any remaining
| bandwidth for downloading that dev release of Leopard.


Killer NIC to accelerate VoIP

,----[ Quote ]
| Besides the fact that this concept of utilizing VoIP technology should 
| eliminate the lag, 3D spatial part also brings the positioning of the people 
| in the room, which could prove rather interesting. Imagine sitting in a room 
| with your 20 or 40 mates, sorting out a strategy and voice from every player 
| comes like he's in that part of the room.    

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