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[News] Ubuntu 10.04 Reviewed Further

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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx - Job very well done 

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm utterly pleased with Lucid Lynx. It is a 
| professional, commercial-grade Linux 
| distribution on par with anything Microsoft 
| and Apple can offer, except it comes for 
| free, a huge bonus.
| Lucid Lynx has been done with style, grace 
| and care, and it shows in every little 
| detail. Hardware support and compatibility 
| are phenomenal. Performance has been improved 
| compared to previous version and there are no 
| stability issues. Furthermore, Ubuntu 10.04 
| sports beautiful new looks that make it a 
| daring rival to Mac's poshness and leaves the 
| Windows baby-blue sickness a light year 
| behind.
| Lucid Lynx offers three years of support for 
| desktop, which means that you can install now 
| and think about upgrading only in 2013. This 
| is extremely important for more conservative 
| users, like myself.
| This is by far the best Ubuntu release since 
| I started taking interest in the 
| distribution, way back with Dapper in June 
| 2006. While you do not get everything out of 
| the box as some other distributions like Mint 
| or PCLinuxOS offer, the overall quality and 
| integration surpasses the slight 
| inconvenience of the extra few minutes of 
| downloads and configurations. And you still 
| have a better, faster, more secure system 
| than other market rivals, for absolute zero 
| cost.
| My RD510 laptop currently sports three Jaunty 
| installations. I will soon be phasing them 
| out and have them replaced with Lucid. The 
| long wait for perfect Ubuntu has been worth 
| waiting. Lucid Lynx is that Ubuntu. 


Ubuntu Learns New Tricks, Forgets Some Old Ones With Lucid Lynx Upgrade


Ubuntu Linux is Prime Time for your Business Desktop and Notebook Computing Environment

,----[ Quote ]
| As a business consultant, web designer and 
| photographer my technical know-how around 
| doing system administration on my Microsoft 
| desktop is limited and sometimes I do require 
| the assistant of my computer engineering son 
| to get it right. In a Microsoft Environment, 
| keeping updated with respect to potential 
| security breaches and patches is a constant 
| vigil. The rigor of keeping current with OS 
| updates, Norton updates and Spyware updates 
| is time consuming. Valuable business hours 
| each week are spend and lost on this task of 
| self-administration dictated by the Microsoft 
| Operating Environment. 
| [...]
| Now the Linux called Ubuntu is installed on 
| my notebook. Ubuntu by Canonical is a full 
| Open Source Linux based on Debian Linux. 
| Ubuntu is now available on Dell systems and 
| Federal Governments are adding this Linux 
| operating environment to their list of 
| standard available OSâs for all desktop and 
| notebook computers.


Ubuntu Lucid checkup â my now-healthy desktop


Social From the Start



Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Is Getting There

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical's Ubuntu Server hasn't yet caught up
| to the progress that's been made in Linux
| desktops, but it offers a serviceable
| alternative to server offerings from other
| Linux vendors and from Microsoft.
| Canonical and the Ubuntu Project have done
| great things to help bring Linux to the
| mainstream desktop. But what about the server
| edition? If Ubuntu can bring the same level of
| polish to its server offerings, it should be a
| formidable competitor to Microsoft and other
| Linux vendors. Looking at Ubuntu Server 10.04,
| aka "Lucid Lynx," there's a lot to like and
| also some disappointments.


Review: Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're building an internal or private
| cloud, Canonical wants you to use Ubuntu Linux
| 10.04 as your operating system of choice. To
| that end, the newest version of Ubuntu
| includes a feature set called Ubuntu
| Enterprise Cloud.


Ubuntu Server Edition 10.04 Lucid Lynx: Canonicalâs ISV Priorities

,----[ Quote ]
| Since Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) is a Long Term Support
| (LTS) release, he expects the April 2010 offering to
| attract some new ISVs. Without making any firm promises
| or announcements, Pugh added that Canonical continues
| to work to bring ISVs like Oracle into the Ubuntu
| world. Pugh also cautioned readers not to focus on any
| one ISV, since Canonical is speaking with multiple
| potential partners.

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