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[News] TiVo's Abuse With Software Patents Fails, US System Helps Patent rolls in East Texas

  • Subject: [News] TiVo's Abuse With Software Patents Fails, US System Helps Patent rolls in East Texas
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 00:06:02 +0100
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TiVo win set aside by appeals court; shares drop

,----[ Quote ]
| Shares of TiVo fell as much as 42 percent on 
| Friday after an appeals court set aside the 
| company's win in a patent battle over digital 
| video recorders with rivals Dish and EchoStar.


On Second Thought... Appeals Court Vacates TiVo's Big Patent Win Over Echostar

,----[ Quote ]
| TiVo's lawsuit against EchoStar for patent 
| infringement has been a mostly one-sided 
| affair. TiVo appeared to win at every turn, to 
| the point that there were stories suggesting 
| EchoStar would have to start blocking the use 
| of its own DVR. TiVo had celebrated these 
| victories by suing others as well, and 
| demanding ridiculous sums of money from 
| EchoStar. Of course, it seemed odd to us that, 
| while all of this was happening, the US Patent 
| Office was admitting the patents might not be 
| valid. Oops. 


Court Won't Move Patent Lawsuit Out Of East Texas, Despite Plaintiff's 'Ephemeral' Connection To Texas

,----[ Quote ]
| As has been discussed plenty of times, a disproportionate number of patent 
| lawsuits are filed in East Texas, under the belief that the venue is the 
| most friendly to patent holders (there is some debate lately about how 
| accurate this is, but either way it remains, by far, the most popular
| place for patent lawsuits). This happened even in cases where there was 
| clearly no reason for the case to be heard in Texas. My favorite is 
| the story of two San Jose, California companies, whose offices were 
| blocks away from each other... who ended up in an East Texas court 
| to fight a patent battle. Two years ago, the Federal Circuit suggested 
| courts should be more willing to transfer cases that don't really 
| belong in their district -- a clear warning shot at East Texas. 



TiVo âHooks Upâ With PayPerPost

,----[ Quote ]
| Pay Per Post has been a very controversial company from the start. Because 
| they pay individuals to make fake user generated content, that are really 
| covert advertisements for sponsors, the FTC has even expressed some concerns 
| over the truth in advertising issues related to their service.   

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