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[News] Many More People Migrate Others to GNU/Linux Desktops

  • Subject: [News] Many More People Migrate Others to GNU/Linux Desktops
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 01:02:41 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Bite the Bullet

,----[ Quote ]
| As I have previously mentioned, a friend 
| contacted me Friday morning with a dead 
| laptop - major graphic hardware problems. 
| This was a system that I had worked on 
| before, so I knew the most likely case was 
| that there would be no saving it this 
| time. So I told her to bring it to me, and 
| I would extract her data and prepare 
| another system for her to use while she 
| decided on a new purchase.
| My plan was to prepare my mini-ITX dual 
| Atom 330 desktop system with the latest 
| Ubuntu distribution (10.04, Lucid Lynx). 
| After transfering her documents and data, 
| she would be able to surf the web 
| (Firefox), email (Thunderbird), and work 
| on MS Office documents (OpenOffice.org). 
| From experience I know that loading from 
| scratch, transferring her data, and 
| showing her the high points of using those 
| programs instead of the Windows programs 
| she was accustomed to, would take me about 
| two hours.


It Never Rains but it Pours PCs

,----[ Quote ]
| I just chatted with a teacher working 
| late. He wants to try GNU/Linux because he 
| is so tired of that other OS making him 
| wait all the time. I will bet one of these 
| new machines will be a rocket with 
| GNU/Linux. I am unwilling to accept the 
| EULA, too. I accidentally got that far 
| into one when I applied power to insert 
| SystemRescueCD instead of using the paper-
| clip trick. I did some tests:
|     * all the hardware works with Linux
|     * full disc reads at 110MB/s average, 
|     130 MB/s peak.
|     * memory cache runs at 18 gB/s
| I am leaning towards converting these 
| machines for GNU/Linux terminal servers on 
| a per-classroom basis. That will give the 
| teacher total control of the studentsâ 
| processes and a power-house multimedia 
| station all at the same time. The 
| advantages of the studentsâ processes 
| running on a 64bit machine with RAID 1 and 
| 3gB RAM are huge. If the teacher already 
| has an application loaded, the studentsâ 
| windows will pop open in the blink of an 
| eye. I need some network switches soonâ


Getting a Ubuntu Laptop setup for my Mum

,----[ Quote ]
| As sitting in the garden while surfing the 
| internet is way cooler than only having a 
| dedicated computer in an office we decided 
| to get a notebook while at it. As both 
| Thilo and myself are very familiar with 
| Linux, the plan was to get a Linux-
| compatible netbook, install Ubuntu on it, 
| get wireless up and running, pre-configure 
| the necessary applications and hand it 
| over after a short usage introduction.
| [...]
| For two weeks now mom is now happy user of 
| the Ubuntu netbook edition â step by step 
| learning how to write e-mails, chat and 
| use the internet. As usual first thing we 
| tried out was searching for vacation 
| destinations, but also for at least my 
| name.


Someone has already posted this one too (good article):

When Microsoft hardware works more easily on Ubuntu than XP

,----[ Quote ]
| How often have you heard the words "it's 
| difficult to get this software/hardware 
| working on Linux, that's why it hasn't 
| caught the mass imagination"?
| On the other hand, how often have you 
| heard that it's more difficult to get 
| software/hardware working on Windows 
| compared to Linux - but others do it for 
| you so you aren't exposed to the problem?
| My personal experience is more of the 
| latter and much less of the former. The 
| latest example I have to offer is that of 
| hardware made by Microsoft itself - 
| LifeChat USB audio headphones.
| A bit of background. My children have run 
| through eight pairs of headsets in the 
| last two years, most of them LogiTech, for 
| one reason or the other - the sound fails, 
| parts break, the wires come loose. Each 
| set costs something in the region of $40 
| so it ain't cheap stuff.
| Whenever any set which they are using 
| fails, they grab the one sitting on their 
| mother's PC and behave as though nothing 
| has happened. I have to then buy my wife a 
| new set.



How to switch your small or home office to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| We're getting ahead of ouseselves a little
| here: while it's good to know that things will
| still work, you'll find that maintaining
| Windows compatibility becomes less of an issue
| as you get used to the new set of tools that
| Linux offers.

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