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[News] Loads of GNU/Linux Applications, Application Improvements, New Releases

  • Subject: [News] Loads of GNU/Linux Applications, Application Improvements, New Releases
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 01:35:05 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Decibel Audio Player â Simple Audio Player For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Decibel Audio Player is a lightweight (and 
| simple) GTK+ based audio player. Although 
| it has existed since 2007, it has been 
| updated again.
| This player is made for speed usage, not 
| for looks, so this is very fast, even on 
| low-end netbooks/pcs.


[Compiz] Bugfixing and Testing

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the past 2 or so weeks, Iâve gotten 
| some phenomenal amounts of input varying 
| from quirks, crash reports and other 
| problems which I probably wouldnât have 
| spotted otherwise.
| [...]
| Over the past 2 or so days, I did some 
| refactoring of the buildsystem so that 
| plugins do not need to use ârpathâ in 
| order to link to libraries such as 
| libcompizconfig and libdecoration. This 
| means that we can finally build RPM and 
| Debian packages. Hopefully a PPA for 
| Ubuntu will be coming soon, and we might 
| even see Compiz 0.9.2~ in Ubuntu Maverick 
| Meerkat if weâre lucky :)


prll is a pearl of a utility for parallel command execution

,----[ Quote ]
| Varlec is working on some cosmetic changes 
| for the next version of prll. âI will also 
| try to make prll POSIX-compliant. Most of 
| the work has already been done by a 
| helpful user, but I have yet to check it, 
| merge it with the latest version, and see 
| if I can maintain it in the long run. Iâm 
| also considering some internal utilities 
| to be made available to the functions 
| being executed. For example, Iâd like to 
| provide a locking mechanism to users, 
| further expanding the usefulness of prll. 
| But I want to keep prll as simple as 
| possible.


Add a Pandora Screenlet to your Linux desktop


Writing made easy for young students: Introducing WriteType

,----[ Quote ]
| After several months of development, it is 
| finally time to introduce the world to 
| WriteType.  WriteType is an application 
| designed to aid young students in writing 
| and typing on the computer.  It offers 
| text completion to make touch typing more 
| efficient.  It also will read back the 
| document with one of the four implemented 
| text-to-speech engines, enable teachers to 
| easily highlight areas for review, and 
| more.
| [...]
| Apparently, the school had been purchasing 
| these $400-500 devices because they 
| offered word completion.  These devices, 
| vaguely reminiscent of the infamous 
| AlphaSmart series, were anything but 
| ergonomic or easy to use.  Word completion 
| was the killer feature that made paying 
| $500 to type on a itsy-bitsy LED screen 
| seem like an attractive offer.  It would 
| seem that a feature included by default in 
| most cell phones would have at least one 
| desktop implementation, however a little 
| bit of research showed that this awkward 
| brand of âcomputerâ was indeed the only 
| way to make use of auto-completion while 
| typing documents.
| The shock effect alone was enough to 
| motivate me to spend the weekend hacking 
| up an initial version.  I sent out some 
| early versions a local elementary school 
| to be tested.  But as time went on, I 
| began hearing from other people as well.  
| If a program that achieves such a feat was 
| in such high demand, it is quite amazing 
| that no proprietary software company has 
| made any attempt to capitalize on the 
| needs of schools.  Of course, readers of 
| my blog understand how I feel about greedy 
| educational companies who claim to want 
| what is best for education but really just 
| want to be filthy rich.  Because of these 
| beliefs, I had no choice but to release 
| WriteType as free software.


Songbird has sung its last song...on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Will Linux suffer if Nightingale fails? 
| No. Would Linux better for having 
| Nightingale? Of course. Should the Linux 
| community reach out to the Nightingale 
| project and ensure it doesnât fail? Hard 
| to say. If given the choice between more 
| rapid development and features for the 
| current standards (Rhythmbox, Banshee, 
| Amarock) or including Nightingale in the 
| mix (and slowing down development of the 
| others), I would happily say forget 
| Nightingale. But given that Linux needs as 
| many familiar tools as it can get, 
| Nightingale could (and should) be a very 
| important project.


Reviews Of The Linux Torrent Clients

,----[ Quote ]
| Bittorrent is the clear leader when it 
| comes to efficiently distributing large 
| files online. Just about any media site or 
| Linux distribution offers files as 
| torrents, and there are several options 
| when it comes to the client you use to 
| download those files. So many, in fact, 
| that it can quickly become overwhelming 
| when you attempt to find the âbestâ one. 
| As with most software, âbestâ can mean 
| different things for different people. 
| Today weâll round up X of the top clients 
| for Linux and compare features to help you 
| decide the right one for you.


Epiphany Browser for Gnome (review) 

,----[ Quote ]
| Since I love to support gnome and open 
| source (and i don't think they are 
| secretly gathering my personal info), I 
| have currently set Epiphany as my default 
| browser and encourage you to give it a 
| try.


IDE 101: 5 Open Source Web Development Tools -- Vim and Its Kin

,----[ Quote ]
| It takes the right tools to do the job 
| right. When it comes to writing code, it's 
| important to consider both the needs of 
| the job and the preferences of individual 
| developers. Comfort and familiarity make 
| long sessions in front of the screen that 
| much more productive. Tools that work 
| right can make the difference between 
| shipping a product on time or spending all 
| night hunting down a pesky bug.

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