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[News] Red Hat Talks About Worldwide Business Growth in Free/Libre Middleware

  • Subject: [News] Red Hat Talks About Worldwide Business Growth in Free/Libre Middleware
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 07:52:18 +0100
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Red Hat's Worldwide Middleware ISV Ecosystem Expands

,----[ Quote ]
| "We are seeing a growing number of 
| customers, who want to leverage the 
| performance and price benefits of open 
| source middleware, request that their 
| application vendors certify against Red 
| Hat's JBoss Enterprise Middleware," said 
| Craig Muzilla, vice president, middleware, 
| Red Hat. "We believe that the growth of 
| our ISV Program reflects a migration away 
| from complex and expensive proprietary 
| platforms towards the leading open source 
| middleware provider, Red Hat."


The End Is In Sight For RHEL 3

,----[ Quote ]
| It's doubtful that anyone really likes having 
| to upgrade, but at some point it has to be 
| done. For those particularly adverse to the 
| upgrade â like enterprise users, with good 
| reason â there are extra-long windows, but 
| eventually even those windows close. Last 
| week, Red Hat announced that the oldest of 
| its supported platforms has officially 
| entered the homestretch.



Red Hat's JBoss Looks Ahead

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat's JBoss middleware division is set to
| have a busy 2010 as it continues to improve
| its developer tools and Java servers. While
| feature improvements are always important for
| JBoss, this year's focus will be on improving
| the way that developers work with their tools
| and servers.


Lessons from Leaders: How JBoss did it

,----[ Quote ]
| JBoss was an Open Source company providing
| free middleware software to itâs customers. By
| the end of 2003, JBoss had been downloaded 5
| million times, and the company was doing about
| $1m a year in revenues, selling training,
| documentation and consulting. Around that
| time, Bob Bickel joined the company, and
| initiated a process to raise venture capital.
| The raising of VC funds was a trigger that was
| needed to hire a professional management team,
| and to enter a new growth phase. Together with
| Bob, the company had figured out that once an
| application migrated from development to
| production, they could charge their customers
| for a subscription based initially around
| support, that should result in a better
| monetization than the other revenue streams.


Red Hat introduce JBoss certification

,----[ Quote ]
| JBCAA (JBoss Certified Application Administrator) is the latest certification
| offering from Red Hat, joining the RHCA (Red Hat Certified Engineer), RHCT
| (Red Hat Certified Technician) and the other certification programmes that
| the Linux and middleware company offers. The new certification is the first
| created specifically for Red Hat's JBoss middleware products.


JBoss selects Magnolia for CMS

,----[ Quote ]
| When youâre a big-time Java application engine vendor like the community side
| of Red Hatâs JBoss, JBoss.org, picking out a CMS (content management system)
| isnât a small deal. Thatâs why JBossâ selection of Magnolia is not just
| another CMS deal. After all, the JBoss community sites hosts more than 40
| different open-source middleware projects.

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