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[News] Changes in Mozilla Needed Ahead of Competition With Other Free Software

  • Subject: [News] Changes in Mozilla Needed Ahead of Competition With Other Free Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 08:16:17 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Download Mozilla Firefox for Linux: Linux Users Download Mozilla Firefox Now

,----[ Quote ]
| Download Mozilla Firefox and get the best 
| surfing experience with the web browser. 
| The Mozilla Firefox is a browser which you 
| got to download in your PC if you need 
| speed while surfing. The Mozilla Firefox 
| is the best browser i suggest to people 
| who look for speed while surfing.


Mozilla and leadership: Rethinking the CEO

,----[ Quote ]
| Why change the title? My interest is that 
| the title communicate the message of Mozilla 
| mission and its method. CEO's are usually 
| (although, admittedly not exclusively) 
| associated with traditional companies, and 
| to a lesser degree, hierarchical decision 
| making structures. Indeed, if asked what 
| words I were to associate with the CEO I 
| think "authority," "command" and 
| "hierarchy" would be among the top to jump 
| into my mind.


Should *Mozilla* Fork Firefox?

,----[ Quote ]
| What Ross's complaint comes down to is 
| that Firefox is suffering the inevitable 
| side-effects of its own success. It's no 
| longer put together by a small, agile team 
| that can turn on a sixpence, but has 
| developed a complex, global group of 
| skilled and generous people collaborating 
| in different ways and at different levels. 
| The need to achieve a certain consensus 
| implies that things move much more slowly 
| than in the early days; breaking things in 
| any serious way for the sake of progress 
| is hardly an option, which makes change 
| incremental. 


Is Firefox Headed Towards A Massive Decline? Its Co-Founder Thinks So


A hungrier, more aggressive Mozilla

,----[ Quote ]
| In its search for a new CEO, Mozilla 
| should be looking for someone more like 
| Marc Benioff and less like Gandhi. Much of 
| its former competitive advantage--
| community, open source--is increasingly 
| shared by Google, a competitor with its 
| entire business at stake.



The Wild Fox Firefox Fork to Bring Support for H.264


Will The Wild Fox Firefox Fork Disregard Patents?

,----[ Quote ]
| Most of us users of Mozilla's Firefox
| browser are used to getting new versions
| of Firefox from Mozilla, but, like many
| open source projects, Firefox has already
| been forked into other versions. Now, as
| OSnews reports, a new fork of the browser
| is taking shape. Dubbed Wild Fox, one of
| the more interesting new aspect of it is
| that it supports the H.264 coded for
| video. However, the way the new fork
| treats patents could cause trouble.


Developer wants to stick an H.264 fork in Firefox


Firefox With H.264 HTML 5 Support = Wild Fox


Wild Fox: Firefox Fork with H.264 Support

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla, sticking to its ideals of the
| open web, decided long ago that support
| for the patent-encumbered H264 codec would
| not be included in any of its products.
| Not only is H264 wholly incompatible with
| the open web and Free software, it is also
| incredibly expensive. Mozilla could use
| one of the open source implementations,
| but those are not licensed, and the MPEG-
| LA has been quite clear in that it will
| sue those who encode or decode H264
| content without a license. Software
| patents, however, are only valid in some
| parts of the world, so an enterprising
| developer has started a project that was
| sure to come eventually: Firefox builds
| with H264 support.

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