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[News] Free ESB Software Used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

  • Subject: [News] Free ESB Software Used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 09:02:17 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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FAA uses open source ESB to handle flight data

,----[ Quote ]
| Last year the Federal Aviation 
| Administration (FAA) selected an open source 
| enterprise service bus (ESB) to provide 
| integration support for a system that uses 
| Web-based services to handle flight and 
| weather data for airlines. Earlier this 
| year, a SWIM Prototype became operational at 
| the FAA's William J. Hughes Technical Center 
| in Atlantic City, NJ.


MuleSoft Ships Management Console for Open Source ESB

,----[ Quote ]
| MuleSoft is bringing a new level of 
| management to integration architects using 
| the Mule open source ESB.  The just-released 
| Mule ESB Management Console offers web-based 
| UI console for centralized views of multiple 
| ESB server instances, message flow debugger, 
| and intelligent alerting against SLA 
| violations.



Open source and ESBs

,----[ Quote ]
| The Enterprise Service Bus [ESB] has been intrinsic to many SOA programs in
| recent years. You can say you are doing SOA and not have done an ESB. But
| there is a high likelihood a successful SOA program includes successful ESBs.


Bostech releases ChainBuilder ESB 2.0 for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| ChainBuilder ESB 2.0 for Linux is a standards-based integration framework
| that delivers fast and easy SOA implementations for Enterprises and Software
| Vendors.


MuleSource Enriches SOA Governance Platform with Powerful New Features for
Customization and Increased Productivity

,----[ Quote ]
| MuleSource, the leading provider of open source service oriented architecture
| (SOA) infrastructure software, today announced the general availability of
| Mule Galaxy 1.5, the latest major release of MuleSource's open source SOA
| governance platform with integrated registry/repository.


Fuse ESB 4.0 is first open-source product since Iona purchase

,----[ Quote ]
| Progress Software has issued its first open-source product, releasing Fuse
| ESB 4.0 on Tuesday after completing its acquisition of middleware company
| Iona Technologies.



ITema Releases the First Enterprise Service Bus for PHP Developers

,----[ Quote ]
| ITema, Inc. today released Blackbird, its PHP enterprise service bus (ESB),
| to the Open Source community under the GNU General Public License (GPL).  


Apache Synapse Accelerates Open Source SOA

,----[ Quote ]
| After nearly two years of development, the open source Apache
| Synapse enterprise service bus (ESB) is ready for prime time
| with its 1.0 milestone release.
| [...]
| Apache Synapse isn't the only open source attempt at
| developing an ESB; Software startup MuleSource is attempting
| a similar feat.


Bostech Corporation Concentrates on Usability for ChainBuilder ESB for Linux
General Availability

,----[ Quote ]
| Bostech released the Linux version of ChainBuilder ESB as an open source
| beta release 45 days ago to encourage developers and application vendors
| to begin leveraging ChainBuilder ESB in their Linux solutions.


ESB Research Note by RedMonk Puts Open Source, Proprietary Approaches in
Context for Would-Be Adopters

,----[ Quote ]
| "...Open Source offerings provide an ideal way to do that because
| they have no license fees, allow you to modify and extend the code
| as you see fit, and may be supported by thriving developer and user
| communities focused on practical use."


Open Source ESB for Linux Released by Bostech

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux-ready version of the open source SOA solution is part of a
| set of platform and feature enhancements available with the beta release of
| the ChainBuilder ESB business integration product.
| [...]
| IDC forecasts Linux desktop PC sales will reach $10B annual revenues,
| with 17 million units shipped globally, by 2008. This study forecasts
| that revenues from packaged applications and infrastructure software
| running on Linux will exceed $14B for the same time period, growing at
| a compound annual rate greater than 44 percent. The full report,
| titled "Worldwide Linux 2004-2008 Forecast: Moving from Niche to
| Mainstream," is available for purchase from IDC. "Linux
| holds a huge market opportunity for application integration
| initiatives," says David Bourke, President, Bostech Corporation.
| "Bostech would not consider releasing ChainBuilder ESB without
| support of this platform."


Petals 1.0 final version

,----[ Quote ]
| Petals is an open source ESB that fully implements the Java
| Business Integration specification (JSR 208).

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