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[News] Obama is Still Attacking Civil Rights With ACTA Promotion

  • Subject: [News] Obama is Still Attacking Civil Rights With ACTA Promotion
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 09:19:55 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Obama Reiterates Support For ACTA, As More People Point Out How Far ACTA Is From The Purpose Of Copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| A few months back, President Obama 
| publicly stood behind ACTA despite tons 
| of concerns about it from the public. 
| It's disappointing that as more and more 
| concerns and problems with ACTA have been 
| highlighted, Obama has not reconsidered. 
| He still seems to be taking the position 
| that "more copyright must be good, and 
| ACTA therefore is good." That's a naive 
| position. The group Open ACTA points us 
| to a statement made by Obama in Mexico, 
| concerning better trade relations with 
| Mexico, where he again insists that ACTA 
| is a key part of better trade 
| relations...


Joint Statement from President Barack Obama and President Felipe CalderÃn


Newspaper Edits Politicians Out Of Bill Signing Photograph; Doesn't Get Why People Think That's Bad

,----[ Quote ]
| Romenesko points us to a story of a West 
| Virginia newspaper that photoshopped 
| three politicians out of a bill signing 
| photo that ran with a story about the 
| bill. 
| [...]
| This is a newspaper that won't run photos 
| of candidates running for election? It 
| makes you wonder how they report on those 
| elections. With illustrations? And then 
| to claim that it's okay to edit a 
| photograph by then calling it a "photo 
| illustration" rather than a photo that's 
| been edited seems a bit questionable no 
| matter where you stand on the question of 
| journalistic ethics. 


Help sign the Written Declaration 12/2010 about ACTA


Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement: Impact on Individuals and Intermediaries

,----[ Quote ]
| The Australian Digital Alliance has 
| released Anti-Counterfeiting Trade 
| Agreement: Impact on Individuals and 
| Intermediaries.
| Here's an excerpt:
|     ACTA might have a negative impact on 
|     individuals as Internet citizens and 
|     as consumers of digital technologies 
|     because some of its requirements go 
|     beyond Australian law. ACTA will 
|     facilitate excessive damages payouts 
|     by mandating the controversial 'lost 
|     sale analysis' for the assessment of 
|     damages and encouraging punitive 
|     style statutory damages that set 
|     arbitrary amounts for infringement. 
|     ACTA will also broaden the scope of 
|     commercial scale infringement to 
|     criminalise purely private acts that 
|     occur in the homes of some 
|     Australians, and will create a new 
|     criminal offence for 'camcording'. 
|     ACTA may strengthen existing 
|     procedures to lock up copyright 
|     material and prevent Australians from 
|     accessing or using it in certain 
|     legitimate ways.


A Chance to Act on ACTA - Now

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite all the excitement over the 
| Digital Economy Act and minor things like 
| general elections, the great ACTA machine 
| is still grinding away in the background, 
| slouching towards Bethlehem to be born.
| But there's hope: the European Parliament 
| has shown itself unhappy with the way the 
| process is being conducted, in secret, 
| and without any kind of democratic 
| oversight.



Written Declaration 12 on ACTA: halfway there, participation still needed!

,----[ Quote ]
| 185 signatures already, 184 left for an
| absolute majority! The Written Declaration
| 12 (WD12) on the ACTA agreement is still
| open for signatures from Members of the
| European Parliament (MEPs); it is now
| halfway completed. By setting red lines to
| the EU negotiators, it addresses key
| issues of the right to a fair trial and
| liability of Internet service providers.
| This week is a plenary week in Strasbourg,
| where MEPs will have an occasion to sign
| it. Who are the signatories so far? Who
| should be contacted in order to get to 369
| signatories?


Ofcom cooks up a 3-strikes fudge - industry to do it themselves

,----[ Quote ]
| Ofcom proposes to leave it to industry to decide
| how the Digital Economy Act will operate. It will
| leave gaps in the Initial Obligations Code for industry to
| fill. Given that Ofcom has a mammoth Â142 million budget,
| should we excuse this lack of attention to the public interest?


Ofcom #DEAct Code of Practice limited to ISPs with 400,000 subs & excludes mobile broadband

,----[ Quote ]
| ISPA Secretariat met with Campbell Cowie and Chris Rowsell
| from Ofcom this afternoon to discuss the ongoing work surrounding
| the DE Act.


ACTA Draft Release Was Apparently A One Time Deal: Now We're Back To Secrecy

,----[ Quote ]
| After about a year or so of very public
| questions over the incredible level of
| secrecy of ACTA (including the patently
| ridiculous claim that details couldn't be
| revealed for national security reasons),
| including a complete smackdown by the EU
| Parliament concerning the whole ACTA
| process, the negotiators finally (and very
| reluctantly) released the latest draft in
| April. Of course, by then, the full
| document had already leaked. Still, the
| officially released document left out some
| of the key parts that were in the leaked
| draft. Funny how that works.


Will Nick Clegg push to repeal the Digital Economy Act?

,----[ Quote ]
| For ORG supporters, there is a lot that we
| can hope for from the new administration.
|     * We can hopefully assume that talk of
|     a repeal of the Human Rights Act is
|     now shelved.
|     * ID cards and their database should be
|     scrapped
|     * The DNA database should be restricted
|     or scrapped
|     * Promises of a Data Freedom Act are
|     welcome


EC's ACTA Negotiator Devigne: Rejected U.S. "Blackmail"

,----[ Quote ]
| Luc Devigne, the European Commission's lead
| ACTA negotiator, recently appeared before
| the International Trade Committee which
| brought together Members of the European
| Parliament and ACTA negotiators.  Sources
| say Devigne revealed several key things:
|     * the release of the draft ACTA text
|     may be a one-time deal. There are no
|     current plans to release the updated
|     text following future rounds of talks.
|     * Devigne reportedly told the MEPs that
|     the EC successfully rejected U.S.
|     "blackmail", a reference to U.S.
|     demands for changes on the scope of
|     ACTA in return for greater
|     transparency.

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