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[News] Fedora GNU/Linux 13 Impresses

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Oh My Goddard! An Early Look at Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| Also innovative in this release is automatic 
| printer installation. Rather than have every 
| printer driver under the sun installed by 
| default, Fedora will instead detect when a 
| printer is plugged in and automatically 
| install the correct system drivers. Now 
| thatâs plug ân print! Color management will 
| makes its mark in this release, which will 
| allow users to adjust the color profiles on 
| their system and adjust accordingly. This 
| means you can match the colour of a recently 
| scanned picture and ensure images will print 
| correctly. This is a feature often touted on 
| the Mac platform, and something which is 
| sorely needed for graphical work on Linux.


Of hall monitors and slippery slopes

,----[ Quote ]
| For the current problem thread, at least, the 
| real underlying issues have yet to be 
| completely addressed. As Fedora moves toward 
| implementing the new packaging rules, which 
| may slow down the usual Fedora update stream, 
| the decline in users and contributors that 
| Kofler envisions may occur. The opposite 
| could happen as well. Only time will tell. 



Seven Reasons to Upgrade to Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 13 is right around the corner. Code-
| named "Goddard," the Fedora 13 release
| sports tons of updates from Fedora 12 and
| some really exciting new features that will
| have Linux power users running for their CD
| burners. You'll find everything from better
| printer support to experimental 3D support
| for Nvidia cards and filesystem rollback.
| Ready to roll up your sleeves? Let's take a
| look at the best of Fedora 13.


Itâs Fedora Election season!

,----[ Quote ]
| Youâve only got until May 26th to vote in
| the Fedora elections: elections are open
| now. This election we are voting on new
| members of the Fedora Project Board and the
| Fedora Engineering Steering Committee.
| Before you vote, youâll want to read up a
| bit on the elections to make sure youâre
| making an informed choice. Hereâs a
| cheatsheet for you.


Fedora Rawhide Quickly Switching To Fedora 14

,----[ Quote ]
| To eliminate having to freeze the bleeding-
| edge Fedora Rawhide repository once the next
| release of this free software Linux
| distribution enters its own alpha/feature
| freeze, a new development branch has been
| created so that Rawhide can immediately begin
| hosting packaged for the next Fedora release.

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