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[News] Red Hat Says Oracle is Not Committed to Freedom, Hires More

  • Subject: [News] Red Hat Says Oracle is Not Committed to Freedom, Hires More
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 00:15:02 +0100
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Red Hat exec: Oracle's not an open source company 

,----[ Quote ]
| It's been said that Oracle is now the 
| industry's most powerful open source 
| vendor, but don't tell that to Red Hat 
| executives, who say Oracle doesn't even 
| qualify as an open source company. 


WSJ: Red Hat shifts hiring strategy as competition for talent intensifies

,----[ Quote ]
| The market for tech jobs appears to be 
| tightening, creating increased competition 
| for high-tech companies seeking new 
| workers in the Triangle and other smaller 
| metros.
| The Wall Street Journal makes that point 
| in a story Monday that cites the example 
| of companies such as Red Hat, which is 
| adding 800 jobs to its 3,200-person staff 
| and has to contend with resurgent hiring 
| among Silicon Valley firms.
| To compete with better-known firms in tech 
| hotspots such as California and Boston, 
| Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) is retraining its 
| recruiters to tell personal stories of 
| opportunities and variety in tech projects 
| to new hires. The company has retrained 50 
| of its 437 hiring managers, the story said.



Red Hat Commercializes deltaCloud, Eyes a More Open Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source vendor Red Hat is betting on a
| year-old open source effort that it hopes
| will further open up the Cloud. Red Hat's
| deltaCloud project http://deltacloud.org/
| started last year as a way of enabling and
| managing a heterogeneous Cloud virtualized
| infrastructure. Now, deltaCloud is on a
| path to commercialization as part of a set
| of new virtualization products from Red
| Hat. The potential payoff for Red Hat is
| that deltaCloud will be positioned as an
| open source approach to managing nearly
| any type of virtualized Cloud technology.
| "We're creating a Cloud management engine
| based on the open source deltaCloud
| project," Scott Crenshaw, vice president
| and general manager of Red Hat's Cloud
| business, told InternetNews.com. "We
| haven't yet issued a delivery date for
| that product, but it will be sometime next
| year. We have people using deltaCloud now,
| but in terms of a fully supported product,
| it will be incorporated into a family of
| products for Cloud management that Red Hat
| will provide."

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