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Re: I noticed a very interesting thing shopping at a Megamart yesterday

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____/ Terry Porter on Thursday 27 May 2010 09:43 : \____

> There was a time, very recently when *everything* made for computing had
> a Windows logo on it, you know the speel, "works best with Wincrap",
> "made for Wincrap", "approved for Wincrap" ...
> I needed a 750GB USB pocket drive yesterday, so I popped into a Megamart
> to grab one, which was easy enough, there were countless colourful shrink
> boxed units of all sizes and features adorning that section of its packed
> shelves.
> I chose one made by a very well known manufacturer, and was surprised to
> observe that did not recommend Windows, it had no Windows sticker, it
> said *nothing* about Windows on the box.
> How times change!
> No fee to Microsoft for this drive, to pay for the "Approved with
> Windows" sticker, and when multiplied by a few million units worldwide,
> that's gotta be another nail in the Microsoft coffin.

These endorsements are paid for by Microsoft**. If the same statement is repeated
many times, it resonates.

Perhaps Microsoft's "fake endorsement" budget is running low.

> Yes, times are a changing, and Microsoft is loosing the powerful grip it
> has had on manufacturers for so long, and now some products have a smell
> of fresh air about them, instead of the smell of death and decay.

Even tiny Apple has moved ahead of Microsoft, whose executives are fleeing the ship.

*** We already have leaked proof.

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