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[News] More Major Games Come to GNU/Linux

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Basilisk Games Announces the Availability of Eschalon: Book II for Macintosh and Linux


Valve's Linux Play May Lead More Games To Follow Suit

,----[ Quote ]
| Brought up in the Phoronix Forums 
| yesterday by a reader was a reference to 
| Ryan Gordon's resume that he was 
| contracted to port Red Orchestra: Ostfront 
| 41-45 to Linux. This led a Phoronix reader 
| to email Ryan "Icculus" Gordon and now we 
| managed to get our hands on Ryan's e-mail 
| response.
| Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 was released 
| for Windows back in 2006 and runs off the 
| older Linux-compatible Unreal Engine 2.5 
| (not the newer Unreal Engine 3), but to 
| date we have not seen any Linux client of 
| this game developed by Tripwire 
| Interactive that takes place during World 
| War II. Ryan clarified that he was 
| contracted to just perform the Linux 
| server port and then for Mac OS X he did 
| the server port too, and he is also doing 
| a Mac OS X client port for this game and 
| that version will soon be released. 
| [...]
| So beyond Valve's Linux move causing 
| Source Engine games coming to Linux like 
| Counter-Strike: Source and the Half-Life 2 
| series (along with other non-Valve titles 
| like Postal III), it looks like 
| independent game developers that simply 
| rely upon Steam for digital distribution 
| may be more prone to offering up Linux 
| clients once this Steam client is 
| available to provide an easy purchasing 
| and digital distribution platform.
| While some find it hard to believe right 
| now, we have confirmed that Steam and 
| Source are coming to Linux and the fact 
| that there is an early Steam Linux client 
| binary. The UK's Telegraph has also 
| independently confirmed this information 
| too, as was confirmed by a reader's 
| inquiry to the publication. 


Poof, youâre a wizard, with the Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator

,----[ Quote ]
| The dnd3rd project, also called the 
| Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator, 
| is a web-based application for creating 
| characters for the Dungeons and Dragons 
| role-playing game. By using dnd3rd, 
| players can create complete characters 
| with just a handful of clicks, and save, 
| reload, and upgrade characters.


Date Warp â Anime Visual Novel Released !

,----[ Quote ]
| Hanako Games that specializes in making 
| anime visual novels that very often have a 
| native GNU/Linux clients, has released 
| their latest game Date Warp !


The Wesnothian Ambassador to the App Store

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2003, David White created Battle for 
| Wesnoth, an open-source, strategy RPG with 
| turn-based gameplay and hooks for user-
| created content, including entire 
| campaigns. Since then over 100 
| contributors have turned the project into 
| one of the most successful open-source 
| games ever made.



It's Official: Valve Releasing Steam, Source Engine For Linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| Valve Corporation has today rolled out
| their Steam Mac OS X client to the general
| public and confirmed something we have
| been reporting for two years: the Steam
| content delivery platform and Source
| Engine are coming to Linux. This news is
| coming days after we discovered proof in
| Steam's Mac OS X Client of Linux support
| and subsequently found more Linux
| references and even the unreleased Steam
| Linux client. The day has finally come and
| Linux gamers around the world have a
| reason to rejoice, as this is the biggest
| news for the Linux gaming community that
| sees very few tier-one titles.


Official? Steam Coming to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Still, progress is progress and Valve
| bringing the Steam infrastructure to Linux
| along with a few âAAAâ titles is progress
| indeed.


Humble Indie Games Bundle

,----[ Quote ]
| I bought in when they announced they would
| be Open Sourcing the games â I havenât
| gotten around to actually playing any of
| them yet!
| With programs like this, and Valve
| bringing Steam/TF2/HL2 to Linux, the
| future is looking bright.


Linux Users Speak...., Devs Open Source Their Games...

,----[ Quote ]
| Now this is simply amazing.
| Nils Grotnes emailed me about 20 minutes
| ago with some pretty cool news.
| Aquaria by Bit Blot ,Gish Published by
| Chronic Logic, Lugaru HD by Wolfire, and
| Penumbra Overture of course by Frictional
| Games have pledged to go open source.


16 of the Best Free Linux Game Engines (Part 2 of 2)

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