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Re: Ubuntu trolls

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____/ GeoH on Friday 28 May 2010 03:09 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Chris Ahlstrom on Wednesday:
>>> Pretty funny.
>>> Moshe, "Hadron", Snit, and that utter buffoon "One Shot" in one
>>> big circle-jerk in the Ubuntu ng. And it is obvious that everyone
>>> has them plonked there.  Not a single response to their drivel. A
>>> thought for the day.
>> That just show how worried Microsoft and its AstroTurfers are about

>> Ubuntu.
> That has been well documented by court documents as far as a decade ago.
>  Linux is the one most feared, because it can easily replace Microsoft
> Windows.

Microsoft's SEC filings also name Canonical as a risk.

> Recently, I replaced the Xandros Linux with Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10
> (UNR) on an earlier version ASUS EeePC 701.  I attempted to reformat the
> SD card, first a 2 GB, then an 8 GB one to Linux Ext2 format as /home
> and install UNR.  The installation failed.
> Then I found a well documented (through Google that is) problem with the
> SD card slot on the 701.  I could not overclock this 701 version, which
> was used as a fix (or return to OEM for repair/replacement).
> It is now out of warranty, although I have had some success with saving
> downloads with SD card formatted as /windows using FAT32.
> This most likes explains why there were so many Linux netbooks made
> available as refurbished units.
> Unfortunately, all the FUD made it appear as a Linux fault.
> The EeePC's cost effectiveness and usefulness under 9.10 Ubuntu has
> received a considerable amount of FUD'ing by our Wintrolls.  It just
> works.  The UNR is a really nicely done spin-off for the EeePC, user
> friendly yet feature full.  Wifi with encryption has worked flawlessly.
> Also, I repaired a Panasonic K-99 Karaoke amplifier unit with 8" woofers
> (circa mid-1980's).  As a quick test of the auxiliary input, I connected
> the 701 to that section.  Then downloaded free mp3's from the US Air
> Force Band website and another legal but free mp3 site (had mostly
> lesser known artists, but professional nonetheless).
> The 701's digital to analog converter did a decent job, bringing the
> whole basement to full volume.
> Except for the unrepaired SD card section, the 701 is a decent piece of
> hardware.

Sub-notebooks are sold with GNU/Linux outside the US and more people are now
buying Linux tablets. _EVEN ASUS_ brought Linux (and Linux only) to its
tablets which run Android.

It's one of the reasons why Microsoft hates Google so much.

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