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[News] Fedora 13 Gets Pretty Good Reviews

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Review: Fedora 13 "Goddard"

,----[ Quote ]
| As far as I am concerned, I consider Fedora a 
| distro suited for experienced and advanced 
| users, and Fedora13 is no exception. 


Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| Summary: 	Fedora 13 adds social media to the 
| desktop, the GNOME Color Manager and numerous 
| other updates and enhancements. Itâs definitely 
| worth an upgrade if youâre currently using 
| Fedora 12.
| Rating: 	3.5/5


Fedora 13: Boring yet Good

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall: 4/5 (Good)



Fedora 13 â Linux for Applephobes

,----[ Quote ]
| That focus on the more tech savvy,
| contributing users is reflected in Fedora
| 13, where you'll find open source, 3D-
| capable graphics drivers, excellent Python
| tools, some very nice color management
| tools, and other less flashy improvements.


Fedora 13 (Goddard) Hits the Waves

,----[ Quote ]
| I have loaded the Gnome 64-bit version on
| my Lifebook S6510 (Intel Core2 Duo and 965
| graphics) and HP Pavillion dv2-1010ez (AMD
| Athlon Neo and AMD Radeon graphics), and
| the Gnome 32-bit version on my HP 2133
| Mini (VIA C7-M and Chrome9 graphics). All
| loaded easily and without significant
| problems. The 2133 has a small (10")
| relatively high resolution (1280x768)
| screen, and I thought the default font
| size was much too large, but it took just
| a few mouse clicks to reduce that, and it
| looks fine now.
| Here are a few of the significant changes
| and improvements that I have noticed
| personally.


Fedora 13 released with open 3D drivers and Python 3 stack

,----[ Quote ]
| I tested Fedora 13 myself to see how it
| compares to the previous version. It's a
| fairly solid release, certainly one of the
| better offerings from Fedora that I've
| seen in a while. The improvements relative
| to version 12 are somewhat modest, but
| compelling enough to motivate an upgrade.
| The general level of fit and finish has
| increased since the previous version.
| After spending several hours with Fedora
| 13, my conclusion is that the new hat is a
| good fit.


Fedora 13 Propels Open Source Innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| The Fedora Project, a Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:
| RHT) sponsored and community-supported
| open source collaboration, today announced
| the availability of Fedora 13, the latest
| version of its free open source operating
| system distribution. Fedora 13 combines
| some of the latest open source features
| with an open and transparent development
| process. Fedora 13 includes a variety of
| features and improvements to enhance
| desktop productivity, assist in software
| development, and improve virtualization.


Work underway to keep Xen support in Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| As for KVM, Red Hat is, of course, a major
| contributor to Kernel-based Virtual
| Machine (KVM), a project the company
| committed to when it purchased KVM's
| pioneer Qumranet in 2008. Red Hat's
| commercial version, RHEL 6.0, was the
| first RHEL version to have dropped support
| for the Xen hypervisor.


Fedora 13 Lightscribe labels

,----[ Quote ]
| Nelson Marques and James Findley (siXy)
| have put together a set of LightScribe
| disc labels for Fedora 13. I donât know if
| there is a way to use them using free
| software (I donât have a LightScribe
| drive) â I know you can use LightScribeâs
| proprietary app in Fedora to make them.
| Anyway, these seem to be popular every
| release so here they are fresh for your
| F13 arch of choice, thanks to Nelson and
| James!


Fedora 13 Linux "Goddard" Takes Flight

,----[ Quote ]
| The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project today
| officially released the Fedora 13 Linux
| distribution, codenamed "Goddard," with
| improvements aimed at both new and
| experienced Linux users.
| The new Fedora 13 release comes six months
| after Fedora 12's debut and continues to
| enhance the Linux operating system
| experience for its users. Fedora 13
| includes improved virtualization, along
| with other developer, desktop and server
| improvements.


The Coding Studio OS Screenshots: Fedora 13 Screenshots


Fedora 13 update revamps virtualisation


Fedora 13 gets utility for tracing code


Fedora 13 brims with updates


Fedora 13 Released


Fedora 13 Released


Fedora Linux 13 released

,----[ Quote ]
| For developers Python 3 can be installed
| in parallel with an existing Python stack
| and there is support for the Java EE 6
| specification in Netbeans 6.8.


Fedora 13 released


Rock it

,----[ Quote ]
| Known as "Goddard", Fedora 13 not only
| boasts a current software selection and a
| modernised design, it also offers an
| extensive range of technological
| improvements. As usual, the distribution
| demonstrates its pioneering role in this
| area and many of its advanced features are
| likely to appear soon in other Linux
| distributions.


Fedora 13 Is Set To Premiere Today

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 13 is shipping with X.Org Server 1.8,
| the Linux 2.6.33 kernel, GCC 4.4, KDE 4.4,
| and GNOME 2.30, among many other updated
| desktop and server packages.


Seven Reasons to Upgrade to Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 13 is right around the corner. Code-
| named "Goddard," the Fedora 13 release
| sports tons of updates from Fedora 12 and
| some really exciting new features that will
| have Linux power users running for their CD
| burners. You'll find everything from better
| printer support to experimental 3D support
| for Nvidia cards and filesystem rollback.
| Ready to roll up your sleeves? Let's take a
| look at the best of Fedora 13.


Itâs Fedora Election season!

,----[ Quote ]
| Youâve only got until May 26th to vote in
| the Fedora elections: elections are open
| now. This election we are voting on new
| members of the Fedora Project Board and the
| Fedora Engineering Steering Committee.
| Before you vote, youâll want to read up a
| bit on the elections to make sure youâre
| making an informed choice. Hereâs a
| cheatsheet for you.


Fedora Rawhide Quickly Switching To Fedora 14

,----[ Quote ]
| To eliminate having to freeze the bleeding-
| edge Fedora Rawhide repository once the next
| release of this free software Linux
| distribution enters its own alpha/feature
| freeze, a new development branch has been
| created so that Rawhide can immediately begin
| hosting packaged for the next Fedora release.

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