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[News] Mozilla Hires Celik, Adds VP8 Just Like VLC and Intel

  • Subject: [News] Mozilla Hires Celik, Adds VP8 Just Like VLC and Intel
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 21:25:14 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Mozilla hires open-standards guru Celik

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox parent company Mozilla Corp. has 
| hired Tantek Ãelik, a well-known figure in 
| the developer and open-Web community, for 
| the role of Web standards lead.
| But as Mozilla deals with internal issues 
| and a continued threat from Google's Chrome, 
| where exactly does this hire fit in? CNET 
| spoke with Ãelik on Tuesday, on the eve of 
| his first day at the new job, and rather 
| than talking about keeping ahead of Chrome 
| or dealing with Facebook's increasing 
| dominance, he said that what's really in his 
| crosshairs is the iPhone--and how pretty it 
| makes everything.


Mozilla trying to build VP8 into HTML5 video

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla is working to incorporate Google's 
| newly released VP8 video technology as part 
| of the specification for Web video.
| "That's our hope," said Mozilla Chief 
| Executive John Lilly when asked if VP8 could 
| be built into the World Wide Web Consortium 
| (W3C) specification for Web-based video. 
| "We'd love for VP8 to be specified in the 
| HTML5 standard. Once it's in the spec, it 
| can really get better traction from other 
| players." 


VLC 1.1.0 Release Candidate supports WebM / VP8

,----[ Quote ]
| The VideoLAN Project developers have 
| announced the availability of a release 
| candidate for version 1.1, the next major 
| release, of their popular VLC Media Player. 
| According to the developers, the latest 1.1 
| branch of VLC is much faster and more 
| stable, thanks in part to a substantial 
| amount of "important code clean-up" and 
| rewrites. VLC is a free open source cross-
| platform multimedia player for various audio 
| and video formats.


Intel eyes hardware acceleration for Google's WebM

,----[ Quote ]
| Google last week announced the high-
| definition WebM video file format to deliver 
| high-quality Web video to multiple devices 
| including TV sets and handhelds. WebM files 
| will include video streams compressed with 
| the open-source VP8 video codec, which was 
| acquired by Google when it bought On2 
| Technologies in February.
| "Just like we did with other codecs like 
| MPEG2, H.264 & VC1, if VP8 establishes 
| itself in the Smart TV space, we will add it 
| to our [hardware] decoders," said Wilfred 
| Martis, general manager for retail consumer 
| electronics at Intel's Digital Home Group.


WebM - The New Open Source Codec on the Block

,----[ Quote ]
| In August 2009, Google acquired codec 
| developer On2 Technologies for a rumoured 
| $106 million. The flagship On2 codec was VP8 
| and it was also rumoured at the time that 
| Google may open source this technology in 
| the future, although a number of challenges 
| lay ahead.
| Late last week this rumour became reality 
| and WebM was born. Alongside Theora and 
| Dirac, WebM now enters the open source HTML 
| 5 ready codec battle. Almost immediately all 
| major web browsers, except one, but 
| including Internet Explorer announced 
| support for the codec. Using the might and 
| muscle of Google WebM must have a solid 
| chance of taking on the dominance of H.264 
| in the web video delivery battle. This 
| really will be a solid kick in the pants for 
| Theora, which now seems destined to remain a 
| reasonably niche product, even with direct 
| HTML 5 support from Firefox.



Company Sues MPEG-LA, Claiming Antitrust Violations Over Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| It's no secret (though certain copyright
| and patent system defenders insist
| otherwise) that copyrights and patents are
| monopoly privileges, granted by the
| government. In fact, some of our elected
| officials have made the argument that
| antitrust law should be used against the
| worst abuses of intellectual property law.
| While it's unclear how successfully that
| will play in courts, we may soon have a
| bit of a test case. Slashdot points us to
| the news that German company Nero AG is
| suing MPEG-LA, claiming abuse of monopoly
| power with its patent pools for licensing
| digital video codecs.


Nero Files Antitrust Case Against MPEG-LA

,----[ Quote ]
| Nero AG, a company with one of the most
| fitting names ever (can you imagine a
| company called Hitler or Stalin 2000 years
| from now?), has filed an anti-trust
| lawsuit against the MPEG-LA. The German
| technology company claims the licensing
| body has abused its monopoly power, and
| that is has not honoured agreements made
| with the US Department of Justice. There's
| some juicy stuff in here.


Patent Troll MPEG-LA Takes Aim at GOOGLE/VP8

,----[ Quote ]
| They make no bones about it. These trolls
| are âgoing afterâ users of technology.
| They are pirates. Let us hope SCOTUS pops
| their balloon today.


WebM (VP8): safe and royalty-free?

,----[ Quote ]
| For the time being, I believe it's best to
| wait until there are news, either positive
| ones from Google (concerning its patent
| clearance and/or its indemnification
| policy) or negative ones from other patent
| holders. One way or the other, this
| situation should be clarified before
| anyone takes a risk.


An analysis of WebM and its patent risk

,----[ Quote ]
| So, calling Google out for releasing the
| study on possible patent infringement is
| something that has no sense at all: they
| will never release it to the public.


Google support aside, WebM carries patent risks from MPEG LA


FUD pushing back hard against Google WebM


WebM Poised to Bring Open Video to the Masses


Some personal comments about Google's WebM

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, Dark Shikari of x264 fame dissected
| the codec and in part the file format; his
| words are â not unexpectedly, especially
| for those who know him â quite harsh, but
| as Mike put it âThis open sourcing event
| has legs.â


Re: VP8 and WebM--Thank you, Google! (P.S. Let's talk)

,----[ Quote ]
| This note from Apple was like a rabid dog
| barking at the pound, for it seemed to set
| off a flurry of patent-rattling from all
| corners, with Microsoft quickly claiming
| that Salesforce.com infringed nine of
| their patents, Nokia claiming that Apple
| infringed 5 more of its patents, HTC
| getting into the fray, etc.
| And then along comes Google. And instead
| of piling on to this patent suit scrum,
| they offer immunity instead. Which is
| astonishing.
| I have to give some props to the FSF for
| asking for precisely what Google seems to
| have decided to do. They wrote an open
| letter asking Google to free VP8 and use
| it on YouTube. The bigger part of that
| decision now seems to have been effected.
| Which, to use the FSF's own adjective, is
| amazing. And cause for both gratitude and
| celebration.
| And of course this is not the end of the
| story, but the beginning. The license
| Google wrote for VP8 smacks of OSD
| goodness, but it has not yet been
| submitted to the OSI for approval. Should
| the OSI approve yet another license?
| Should the OSI treat a patent grant
| attached to a license we've already
| approved as two separate items, a patent
| grant (which is great) and a license we've
| already approved? Clearly Google is trying
| to do the right thing. We are trying to do
| the right thing. What remains to be seen
| is whether the H.264 are going to do the
| right thing and offer all their patents as
| required by the Open Standards
| Requirements (OSR) or whether Apple will
| do the right thing and defend, rather than
| attack, the open source community and its
| right to enjoy watching a movie on the
| laptop of their choice.


â Problems With WebM?


WebM: Missing The Assurances Open Source Needs?

,----[ Quote ]
| The announcement last week at Google IO of
| the creation of the WebM project and the
| release of the VP8 codec was a positive
| and welcome development, finally offering
| an alternative for online media to the
| royalty-liable H.264 and to Theora. WebM
| arises from Google's purchase of ON2 last
| year and had been widely anticipated
| Google did their homework, securing
| endorsements from competing browser
| vendors Opera and Mozilla and even from
| Adobe (possibly in exchange for Google's
| endorsement of Flash on their TV platform)
| and, weakly, from Microsoft. The parade is
| now in full swing, and we can expect many
| more announcements of support like the one
| from the Miro Project. Only Apple was
| painfully absent, pushing the Google-Apple
| tension further into the spotlight
| [...]
| Despite their claims that WebM was been
| checked for patent risks when ON2 was
| acquired, Google has neither made its
| research available nor does it offer a
| patent indemnity. Google has expressed
| extreme confidence in the patent safety of
| WebM, yet has failed to create a patent
| pool with its other endorsers and grant
| free and indemnified licenses to WebM
| contributors.
| That means the path is open for those
| hostile to digital liberty, such as the
| MPEG-LA licensing cartel, to 'tax' VP8
| users - they have already declared an
| intent to do so. Google should rapidly
| create "WebM-LA" with $0 licensing terms
| for those willing to commit to digital
| liberty.


Phipps: WebM/VP8 "not currently open source"

,----[ Quote ]
| According to OSI board member Simon
| Phipps, the VP8 codec, which Google
| released last week as part of the WebM
| project, is "not currently open source".
| In a blog posting, Phipps notes that the
| licence used by Google has not been
| submitted to the Open Source Initiative
| (OSI) for approval and that it "possibly
| can't be approved". The problem is that
| although the licence Google uses for VP8
| is based on the Apache licence, it
| includes a "field of use" restriction in
| the patent grant section which is limited
| to "this implementation of VP8".


When video gets ugly

,----[ Quote ]
| Unsurprisingly, Apple and Microsoft are
| among the companies licensing the use of
| H.264, so stand to make money, and lots of
| it if the format is widely adopted.
| The only other competitor to H.264, until
| a couple of days ago, was Theora, an open
| source format favoured by Mozilla, Google
| and Opera. But the chances of Theora
| succeeding have always seemed very slim,
| particularly as Jobs has already made it
| clear that Apple was looking at hitting
| Theora hard with patent suits.
| Apple and Microsoft have also made it very
| clear that they wouldn't be supporting
| Theora in their future browser releases.


Moovida Media Player now supports WebM (VP8) Video format

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking for a media player to playback
| your videos converted to open WebM with
| Miro Video Converter, then grab Moovida
| media player. Open Source Moovida media
| player formerly known as Elisa is one of
| the first media players to boast support
| of the open source VP8 codec.


Linux WebM Labs, minor update


MPEG-LA Considering Patent Pool For VP8/WebM


x264 on the Google WebM move


First Look: H.264 and VP8 Compared

,----[ Quote ]
| VP8 is now free, but if the quality is
| substandard, who cares? Well, it turns out
| that the quality isn't substandard, so
| that's not an issue, but neither is it
| twice the quality of H.264 at half the
| bandwidth. See for yourself, below.
| To set the table, Sorenson Media was kind
| enough to encode these comparison files
| for me to both H.264 and VP8 using their
| Squish encoding tool. They encoded a
| standard SD encoding test file that I've
| been using for years. I'll do more testing
| once I have access to a VP8 encoder, but
| wanted to share these quick and dirty
| results.


10 questions for MPEG LA on H.264

,----[ Quote ]
| MPEG LA: Yes, since the Web site is
| receiving remuneration for the AVC video
| content it makes available on a
| subscription basis, it would benefit from
| the coverage our AVC License provides. The
| amount of royalties owed, if any, would
| depend on the number of Subscribers to
| that website during a calendar year:
| 100,000 or fewer subscribers/year = no
| royalty;
| 100,001 - 250,000 subscribers/year =
| $25,000;
| 250,001 - 500,000 subscribers/year =
| $50,000;
| 500,001 - 1,000,000 subscribers/year =
| $75,000;
| and more than 1,000,000 subscribers/year =
| $100,000.


Canonical clarifies its H.264 licence

,----[ Quote ]
| When purchasing an OEM machine with Ubuntu
| pre-installed, there is currently no way to
| tell, without the manufacturer explicitly
| specifying them, which software and codecs
| are bundled with the machine. A device may
| be validated as Ubuntu Compatible, which
| means the OEM has tested the system and
| Canonical has verified the test, or as
| Ubuntu Certified, which means that
| Canonical have performed the testing.
| Kenyon points to the Ubuntu Certified list
| on the Canonical site, which lists systems
| from Lenovo, ASUSTek, HP, Toshiba, Samsung
| and Dell. Kenyon added "We have explored
| setting some minimum requirements for
| codecs, but this is not something that we
| presently do".
| So the rule of thumb is that an arbitrary
| Ubuntu system does not have a H.264 licence
| via Canonical, unless it's an OEM system
| which specifically lists the H.264 licence
| in its documentation or marketing
| materials.


Canonical explains Ubuntu unfree video choice

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