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[News] A Look at Peppermint OS (GNU/Linux)

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Peppermint OS â A New Take on the Web-Centric Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| As a Linux, Peppermint is not particularly 
| notable except for its suitability for 
| machines with low hardware specs, or users 
| who do not want system resources wasted on 
| bells and whistles like 3D cubes and 
| wobbly windows. Peppermint should run 
| quickly on just about any PC. Regarding 
| the Prism aspect, itâs harder to draw a 
| conclusion. Mozilla is still developing 
| Prism so its full capabilities have not 
| yet been reached, but the current state 
| does not seem to be especially remarkable. 
| Much of the functionality can be 
| replicated (though perhaps not as well) 
| with simple browser shortcuts. When Prism 
| has more polish it may be a central part 
| of how we interact with our computers, but 
| for now Peppermint is mainly a small, fast 
| and simple OS, albeit with dreams of 
| something bigger.


Peppermint OS: Another member of "Team Linux"

,----[ Quote ]
| The first question that springs to mind 
| when hearing of a new Linux distribution 
| is not "what does it do?" but "why?" It 
| would seem by now that virtually every 
| possible angle has been covered, and that 
| a Linux distribution must exist for almost 
| any use case one could conceive of. Yet 
| the recently-announced Peppermint Linux is 
| slightly different in that it seeks to 
| bridge the gap between standard desktop 
| computing and "cloud" computing.



REVIEW: Peppermint â Cloud/Lightweight distro & considering the cloud?

,----[ Quote ]
| A strongly recommended distro which not
| only gives a solid desktop experience that
| is capable of handling any task you throw
| at it, but also introduces you to cloud
| computing in a very non-committal way.
| Just like many of the distroâs I feature
| here, I encourage you to support this
| project, the hard work and professionalism
| this distro displays for me means its one I
| will be following with great interest in
| the future and as far as Ubuntu derived
| distroâs go, this is up there with the best
| of them.
| I have been contacted by the devs behind
| Peppermint and have the pleasure of saying
| that a Q&A session will follow in a future
| article.

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