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[News] Devices Running Linux, Now With Some SAP Support

  • Subject: [News] Devices Running Linux, Now With Some SAP Support
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2010 17:19:33 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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NETGEAR Announces Technology Collaboration With SamKnows for FCC's National Broadband Speed Test

,----[ Quote ]
| WNR3500L Open Source Linux Router to be 
| FCC's 'Test My ISP' Speed Sensor for the 
| voluntary consumer measurement plan 
| announced today


Finally, a Plug and Play Linux Computer For Small Business 

,----[ Quote ]
| Midwest Server Repair LLC, a small home 
| based computer business based 12 miles 
| from the University of Notre Dame, has 
| created a Linux PC, which, serves as an 
| alternative to the modern Microsoft 
| computer.


SAP invests $10M in DeviceVMâs browser-and-cloud OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Enterprise software supergiant SAP has 
| poured ten million dollars of investment 
| from its SAP Ventures arm into DeviceVM, 
| whose Linux-based Splashtop quick-boot 
| operating system is pre-installed on many 
| of the top brands of notebook and netbook 
| computers.
| [...]
| SAPâs goal for DeviceVM is to create an 
| enterprise-IT grade version of the same 
| type of software Google plans for its 
| Chrome OS operating system: A quick-
| booting â three seconds on a Lenovo â 
| rock-solid Linux boot with only a 
| standards-compliant browser and a few 
| other essential apps onboard. Such a 
| lightweight configuration is easier to 
| maintain and, at least in theory, less 
| prone to bugs and security problems.


SAP Ventures Sinks Cash Into Instant-on Platform Vendor

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux-based Splashtop runs separately 
| from a device's underlying OS and includes 
| a number of applications, including a 
| Firefox-based browser; music, photo and 
| chat functionality; and Skype calling.



SAP Slouches Towards Bethlehem

,----[ Quote ]
| Readers with a taste for high comedy may
| remember my post âWhy SAP is Such a Sap
| over Software Patentsâ, which rather took
| to task a certain large German software
| company over its stance on software
| patents. Now, to be fair, SAP has done some
| good things for free software â not many,
| but some â and Matthew Aslett has produced
| an excellent summary of these on his 451
| CAOS Theory blog, which I urge you to read.
| [...]
| The other problem is the reference to RAND.
| As the quotation notes, RAND for open
| source projects means royalty-free â but
| not for traditional software companies. In
| that case, RAND means a âreasonableâ
| licence fee â which may be small, but is,
| as SAP must know, completely incompatible
| with free software licences like the GNU
| GPL.


SAP as a case study for open source engagement

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course some issues remain. On a related
| issue, one of the most significant for free
| and open source advocates is the companyâs
| attitude towards software patents. A good
| explanation as to why this is the case is
| provided by Glyn Moody.
| I asked Claus and Erwin for their
| perspective on SAPâs stance on software
| patents and how that impacted the
| perception of SAP. Part of the response was
| the expected position that as SAP exists in
| a world where there are software patents it
| has no choice but to engage in patenting
| software itself if it is to retain a strong
| position against competitors. The other,
| with specific reference to open source, was
| as follows:
|           âSAP actually is a big proponent
|           of strong and concise IPR
|           licensing regimes for all
|           standards and open source
|           initiatives we participate in.
|           Whatever claims of patents and
|           patent applications that
|           essentially need to be infringed
|           to implement a standard or use an
|           open source component should
|           always be licensed in a
|           reasonable and non-discriminatory
|           manner by the individuals and
|           organizations that have
|           contributed to the project
|           (obviously, in open source
|           projects RAND means royalty-
|           free). SAP does participate in
|           open source projects particularly
|           in order to drive adoption of a
|           certain technology. There may be
|           SAP patents in that very domain
|           and they may be essential, but we
|           require ourselves to freely
|           license those patents to
|           everybody. But we expect the same
|           from any other project
|           participant. And thatâs actually
|           why we prefer governance models
|           like the one from the Eclipse
|           Foundation (that also comprises
|           contribution analyses in order to
|           minimize unintentional copyright
|           infringements).â


Open Source at SAP in 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| In June SAP moved up its membership level at
| the Eclipse Foundation from Strategic Consumer
| to Strategic Developer, meaning that SAP
| commits to having at least 8 full-time
| developers on the project. However, what is
| more important than the membership level, is
| that SAP contributed a lot more code than in
| the past. SAP now has 13 active contributors
| at Eclipse and contributed more than 1.8
| million lines of code in 2009 which makes SAP
| the third largest corporate contributor to
| Eclipse. In 2009 SAP even initiated or co-
| innitiated two new projects at Eclipse, i.e.
| the Eclipse Pave project and the Eclipse EGit
| project.


Why SAP is a Sap

,----[ Quote ]
| The real reason SAP's call is hypocritical
| is this document [.pdf], essentially a
| love-letter to software patents, submitted
| as an amicus curiae brief to the European
| Patent Office. Software patents are simply
| incompatible with free software, because
| they are government-granted monopolies
| designed to stop people sharing stuff.
| They also prevent hackers from writing new
| code because they represent an ever-present
| digital sword of Damocles hanging over
| them.
| SAP simply cannot claim to be a true friend
| of openness while it also supports software
| patents in any jurisdiction, in any form -
| the same applies to other companies, too, I
| should note. They can share as much code as
| they like, but until they repudiate
| software patents - for example, by placing
| their patent portfolios in the public
| domain - that's little more than window-
| dressing.


Freedom for Java


SAP wants an open Java process (pot, meet kettle)


SAP and open source: it's about Oracle

,----[ Quote ]
| SAP has been trying to get the influential
| SAP Mentor group onside with open source.
| Thatâs probably one of the easiest tasks it
| has. Geeks love open source and care little
| for commercial issues. And the Mentors are
| extremely good geek advocates for what SAP
| does. Marketing wise itâs an internal SAP
| community slam dunk for SAP. ButâSAP has
| also made clear that IT doesnât believe
| open source means âfree.â Mentors may not
| be concerned about that from a development
| viewpoint but Iâm pretty darned sure theyâd
| get antsy if the license bills came at
| deployment time.
| As an aside, I have practical experience of
| running the SAP IP gauntlet. If SAP is
| truly committed to open source then this
| will relieve a lot of the pressure on
| developer groups. However, thatâs not a
| certainty.


SAP: Open Source's Friend or Foe?

,----[ Quote ]
| For example, the European Commission organised seven workgroups looking at
| various aspects of European software policy. One of these was on open source.
| Among the groups taking part in this was the Free Software Foundation Europe,
| and SAP. At the end of their joint report (PDF, HTML), there are a number of
| appendices that represent the particular views of participants. SAP's is by
| far the longest, running to some 17 pages.
| Most of that space is used to bolster the following statements through
| supporting comments of various kinds (mostly links to news items):
| A number of key open source projects depend on the contributions by mixed
| source / hybrid model companies
| Hybrid / mixed source models seem to be a key element of the larger open
| source ecosystem
| Open source development like closed source development has its pros and cons
| It is very difficult to discriminate between open source and non-open source
| vendors any longer
| Open source software is proprietary as well
| Different business models and business interest lead to different positions
| regarding IPR, standardization and interoperability


Interop: SAP CTO backs open source for the cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| "SAP is a big fan and supporter of open source," Sikka said.
| Now Sikka did not detail any specific open source project or efforts that SAP
| may be involved in, but it's still interesting to note how supportive his
| comment are of open source.


Open Source Business Intelligence Scores Another Channel Win

,----[ Quote ]
| openbiForgive The VAR Guy if he sounds like Yogi Berra today, but our
| resident blogger has deja vu all over again. The reason: The folks at OpenBI,
| a systems integrator in Chicago, have scored yet another win promoting
| Pentahoâs open source business intelligence software to customers. This is
| becoming a familiar story for OpenBI and Pentahoâs channel. Hereâs the scoop.


SAP Teams With HP, IBM For Business Software Appliances

,----[ Quote ]
| SAP, as part of its effort to lure more midsize business customers, will
| introduce appliance-like systems pre-loaded with its ERP software, a
| database, and a Linux operating system, running on hardware from
| Hewlett-Packard or IBM.


Options increase as giants open up

,----[ Quote ]
| IN a move to boost the growing demand for SUSE Linux Enterprise, Novell says
| it has extended its partnership with SAP to offer enhanced options for
| customers who choose to run open source.


Novell, SAP Work to Attract SMBs to SUSE Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell and SAP are out to get even the smallest SAP user running
| mission-critical applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
| Novell and SAP have announced that they will customize SAP's enterprise
| applications to work even more efficiently with SUSE Linux Enterprise and its
| associated virtualization and identity management technologies.



SAP announces new partners for SME offerings

,----[ Quote ]
| The hardware for the prototype SAP is showing at CeBIT is provided by
| open-source software specialist Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise.


SAP Contributes New Tool to Open Source Eclipse Developer Community

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of its commitment to support the open-source developer community, SAP
| AG today announced that for the first time it will contribute software
| development capabilities to the Eclipse community.


The end of the proprietary database?

,----[ Quote ]
| While Packer does not believe that proprietary databases are doomed, he does
| see the writing on the wall in emerging markets and that the increased use of
| open source will eventually surround proprietary databases in established
| markets. Unless the proprietary suppliers respond they risk losing business
| in the long-term.



,----[ Quote ]
| SAP is recommending SUSE as its preferred Linux platform, the stuff of which
| stacks are made, and Novell is going start being the first line of defense
| for people running SAP applications on SUSE.


SAP certifies Netweaver for Red Hat Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| SAP's certification helps ensure full interoperability of Red Hat systems
| with all modules of SAP Netweaver, said Red Hat.

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