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[News] De Facto Standards for HTML5 Likely to Include WebM (Now GPL Compatible)

  • Subject: [News] De Facto Standards for HTML5 Likely to Include WebM (Now GPL Compatible)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 23:28:16 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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How ready is your browser for HTML5- Take the test

,----[ Quote ]
| HTML5 is the second most buzzed word 
| around I think, second only to the 
| Hypepad. In case you're wondering whether 
| your current browser is compatible with it 
| or not, a simple tool to help you 
| determine this is the HTML5 test tool. 


â Standing Up To The Man

,----[ Quote ]
| To be clear, MPEG-LA is a parasite using 
| standards bodies as its host, whether they 
| want it or not. This page makes it clear 
| that the parasite is looking for new 
| hosts. Patent reform is now way overdue.


Open standards - the Apple way

,----[ Quote ]
| There's open as the rest of the world 
| thinks of it and there's Apple open, which 
| is what Steve Jobs wants it to mean. Jobs 
| is very keen to dismiss Flash as a 
| proprietary product, which it is, although 
| iPhones and iPads also run proprietary 
| operating systems.
| [...]
| Google is going down a different path 
| entirely. Last month, it released VP8, a 
| genuinely open compression format designed 
| to handle multimedia on the web and not be 
| beholden to proprietary software. Unlike 
| Apple, the company does have a genuine 
| commitment to openness. Having said that, 
| there is a debate as to whether VP8 is 
| quite as open as it appears to be - and 
| whether it differs much from H.264.
| But the difference is that Google is, I 
| believe, genuinely looking top open 
| standards, while Apple is a law unto 
| itself.


Apple posts HTML 5 demo page


Apple's HTML5 'standards' hype debunked


Google's $124.6m open codec hits Chrome dev build


Chrome gets Google's new video tech


Google releases Webm to developers


WebM (VP8): a license update and the gift horse fallacy

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's WebM initiative is somewhere in 
| the middle between a true act of 
| generosity and an IBM-style scheme:
|     * There's no reason to assume that 
|     Google wants to hurt the FOSS cause in 
|     any way with WebM, especially not in 
|     any IBM-like way. I don't put it past 
|     Google to have that intention 
|     elsewhere: they might do anything, 
|     including the use of patents, to 
|     destroy an open source search 
|     technology that could adversely affect 
|     their core business. However, in this 
|     particular context of video codecs, I 
|     don't think they intend to cause harm. 
|     I do believe them that they want more 
|     competition in this case.
|     * What Google does do -- and what I 
|     believe the FOSS community must 
|     approach cautiously -- is to shift 
|     most of the risk to others while 
|     keeping most of the benefits to 
|     itself. Businesses like to do that, 
|     but FOSS developers and users 
|     shouldn't lose sight of the risks just 
|     out of excitement over the idea of 
|     getting a seemingly "unencumbered" 
|     codec.
| Google will retain control over WebM 
| despite open-sourcing program code and 
| publishing specifications
| A common misconception about open source 
| and "free" specifications is that this 
| would make something such as the WebM 
| project independent from a single vendor 
| or a group of vendors. Some think this 
| puts "the community" in charge.


Simon Phipps (OSI):

Google Fixes WebM Licence

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has also eliminated the 
| incompatibility with the GPLv2 and GPLv3 
| licences that existed in the original 
| language, which means that it will be 
| possible for WebM to be readily 
| incorporated in the GNU environment and in 
| GNU/Linux.


Google's updated WebM license

,----[ Quote ]
| A couple of weeks ago Google announced 
| their WebM project, which provided a free 
| software implementation of their VP8 video 
| codec and a license to exercise the 
| patents the company held on the software. 
| (This after we appealed to them to do just 
| that a couple of months prior.) The 
| license they chose was unambiguously free: 
| a three-clause BSD license combined with a 
| patent license based on one found in the 
| Apache License 2.0. Unfortunately, the 
| interaction between the copyright license 
| and the patent license made the result 
| GPL-incompatible. Based on the concerns of 
| developers writing GPL-covered software, 
| Google publicly stated that they would 
| take some time to review the WebM license 
| and try to address the community's 
| concerns. Today, they released a revised 
| license, and it is GPL-compatible.



Google adds VP8 / WebM support to Chrome Dev channel

,----[ Quote ]
| The Google Chrome developers have released
| the latest developer channel (a.k.a. the
| Dev channel) version of Chrome. Version
| 6.0.422.0 of its WebKit-based web browser
| features a number of bug fixes and adds
| support for the latest open WebM / VP8
| video format introduced by Google as part
| of the WebM Project. Once Google considers
| the Dev builds to be stable enough, they
| are promoted to its Beta channel for
| future testing.


Whoâs Supporting WebM on Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, the Linux community has made a
| lot of progress implementing support for
| WebM in two short weeks.  Given that few
| content providers are supporting the codec
| yet (Google-owned YouTube being the major
| exception), free-software users are ahead
| of the curve on this issue.  And thatâs
| definitely the right side of the curve to
| be on.


Changes to the WebM Open Source License

,----[ Quote ]
| You'll see on the WebM license page and in
| our source code repositories that we've
| made a small change to our open source
| license. There were a couple of issues
| that popped up after we released WebM at
| Google I/O a couple weeks ago,
| specifically around how the patent clause
| was written.


Google resolves WebM licensing conflict with BSD license

,----[ Quote ]
| Google is adopting the BSD license for
| WebM in order to address a licensing
| conflict. When Google opened up the VP8
| codec and announced the launch of the WebM
| project during the Google I/O conference
| last month, the actual license under which
| the code was distributed was not an
| official open source software license. It
| was a custom license that had not yet been
| approved by the Open Source Initiative
| (OSI), the organization responsible for
| maintaining the open source definition and
| validating licenses.
| Google's custom license posed some
| problems because it included clauses that
| made it incompatible with GNU's General
| Public License (GPL), the most widely-used
| open source software license. It was a
| minor technicality, but one that would
| have broadly precluded adoption of WebM in
| many popular open source software
| applications. Fortunately, Google has
| rectified the conflict and has found an
| acceptable way to harmonize its licensing
| terms with the GPL.
| [...]
| To avoid the resulting incompatibility
| with the GPL, Google decided to use a
| standard BSD license instead for the
| software copyright and draft a separate
| set of terms for the WebM patent grant.
| "Using patent language borrowed from both
| the Apache and GPLv3 patent clauses, in
| this new iteration of the patent clause
| we've decoupled patents from copyright,
| thus preserving the pure BSD nature of the
| copyright license," wrote DiBona. "This
| means we are no longer creating a new open
| source copyright license, and the patent
| grant can exist on its own."


WebM project changes to standard open source licence

,----[ Quote ]
| By removing that part of the custom
| licence, what is left is a "three clause"
| BSD licence which is an OSI approved form
| of open source licence. Simon Phipps, the
| OSI board member who pointed out the
| original problem, was "pleased to say that
| project is now fully open source" in his
| blog  where he congratulated Google on the
| "timely and welcome" correction of its
| "licencing and community-relations error".

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