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[News] New Pages and Introductions to GNU/Linux Applications

  • Subject: [News] New Pages and Introductions to GNU/Linux Applications
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2010 19:19:32 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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4 Great Alternatives to Gnome Panel Menu Bar

,----[ Quote ]
| One good thing about Linux system is that 
| you can change almost every single aspect 
| of the system. Dislike the dull wallpaper? 
| Change it. Not happy with the default 
| splash screen? Change it. Getting bored of 
| the default panel menu (the place where 
| you access Applications, Places and 
| System)? You can change it as well.
| In Gnome based system, there are several 
| panel menu applets that you can use. Some 
| of them are great eye candy for spicing up 
| your desktop while others are small and 
| fast and aim to improve your productivity. 
| Letâs see what choices do you have...


5 of the Best Free Linux Logfile Viewers

,----[ Quote ]
| A server log is a log file which is 
| created and updated by a server. A common 
| example is an access log generated by 
| Apache (open source web server software), 
| which provides a history of web page 
| requests. However, Apache does not only 
| capture information to that access log. 
| There is also information captured in its 
| error log as well as a process id file, 
| script log and a rewrite log.


Recover Lost Media Files With PhotoRec

,----[ Quote ]
| PhotoRec is licensed under the GNU GPL. It 
| was created by the same team that 
| developed TestDisk, an app that recovers 
| lost partitions and makes non-bootable 
| disks bootable again.


6 of the Best Free Linux Application Launchers

,----[ Quote ]
| Application launchers play an integral 
| part in making the Linux desktop a more 
| productive environment to work and play. 
| They represent small utilities which 
| offers the desktop user a convenient 
| access point for application software and 
| can make a real boost to users' 
| efficiency.
| An application launcher helps to reduce 
| start up times for applications by 
| indexing shortcuts in the menu. 
| Furthermore, this type of software allows 
| users to search for documents and other 
| files quicker by indexing different file 
| formats. This makes them useful for 
| launching almost anything on a computer 
| including multimedia files, games, and the 
| internet. Application launchers often 
| support plug-ins, adding to their 
| versatility. 


Top 10 Avant Window Navigator Themes â AWN â

,----[ Quote ]
| My favorite Dock Avant Window Navigator, 
| one of the best Docks available so far, 
| itâs fully customizable with themes, extra 
| plugins, extra applets, also working on 
| many window managers, and many 
| distributions such as Ubuntu , Gentoo, 
| Fedora, â

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