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[News] A Lot of New Activity in KDE Project

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Fluffy - How pink can we get? 

,----[ Quote ]
| No great design comes without careful 
| planning. Especially the "Plasma-Ponyhof-
| Shell" caused us some headaches and we had 
| long discussions about the "Movable Tree 
| Plasma Applet" that has yet to grow up.


An appeal to upstream KDE developers


A little healthy kompetition

,----[ Quote ]
| As previously mentioned in this blog â and 
| as I tell anyone whoâll listen to me â I 
| go back and forth between the two top 
| desktop environments with Fedora on my 
| Fujitsu laptop â the even numbers, as it 
| turns out, have been GNOME and the odd 
| (with nothing to read into this, honest) 
| have been KDE. Since weâre now at Fedora 
| 13, itâs KDE time.
| For those Xfce, LXDE, Fluxbox and IceWM 
| fans out there, I do have machines in the 
| Jungle Room â the lab at Redwood Digital 
| Research in Felton, Calif., named after 
| the same room at Graceland â running those 
| desktops. While Iâm a huge fan of Xfce on 
| the machines that run it, I normally donât 
| stray too far from GNOME and KDE.
| Moving right along, though, in those 
| instances where I use KDE on the laptop, 
| Iâve always been impressed with the number 
| of programs that KDE includes when 
| downloading the KDE version of Fedora. 
| This time around, it occurred to me that 
| maybe I should give some of them a chance 
| â rather than just downloading the 
| programs Iâm used to (OpenOffice.org, 
| Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.) during the 
| post-install phase â I should give the K 
| its due.


Voting Opens for KDE Software Label Designs

,----[ Quote ]
| We've received a number of excellent 
| designs and now it is time to pick the 
| best. The judging panel will include four 
| members of the KDE promotion team and you.


Join the KDE Game at Linuxtag 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, there are also a lot of KDE 
| related talks in the presentation tracks:
|     * What Is Special About the QML 
|     Declarative Language? by Daniel 
|     Molkentin, Thursday 10:30, Europa I
|     * Beyond Groupware: Thinking 
|     Differently About KDE PIM And Kolab by 
|     Paul Adams, Thursday, 11:00, Berlin I
|     * KDevelop 4 - Schneller C++ 
|     Programmieren by Milian Wolff, 
|     Thursday, 11:30 in Europa I 
| [...]


Week 22: KDE at openSUSE

,----[ Quote ]
| Greetings! Second week of the KDE at 
| openSUSE blog. We are now on PlanetSUSE as 
| well, so hello to all its readers. And 
| since you did not get the last post: this 
| blog is a short summary of whatâs 
| happening at openSUSE regarding KDE and it 
| tries to give all those that bring KDE to 
| the openSUSE users the credit they 
| deserve.


KDE 4.4 is very, very good. I'm using it right now and it's rock solid.

roy@roy:~$ uptime
 19:36:05 up 40 days, 10:06,  2 users,  load average: 1.38, 1.02, 0.94


My Perfect Kubuntu 10.04 Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| IMHO Kubuntu is the best Kde Distro I have
| tried. It very close to the kde upstream and
| provide a solid Ubuntu base for stability.

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