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Re: [News] Renewed Calls for ACTA Backlash

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____/ Marti van Lin on Wednesday 09 Jun 2010 21:24 : \____

> Op 09-06-10 18:43, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ____/ Marti van Lin on Monday 07 Jun 2010 22:03 : \____
>>> Op 07-06-10 21:54, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> ____/ James Westwood on Saturday 05 Jun 2010 17:34 : \____
>>>>> On Sat, 05 Jun 2010 14:46:57 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> I heard some people who say that the Republicans will groom [pun] Palin
>>>>>> to beat Obama in the next round while GlenRush do their character
>>>>>> assassinations of the president and glorify Palin.
>>>>> There are some things about Palin that I like and others
>>>>> that absolutely terrify me. Her ideas on foreign policy
>>>>> for example show a lack of maturity, much like Obama. I
>>>>> seriously doubt Palin could fill in the names of the
>>>>> Middle Eastern countries on a map. I feel we have to
>>>>> become independent of foreign energy. If that means
>>>>> drilling, then so be it. It has to be controlled however
>>>>> and procedures put in place to prevent what is happening
>>>>> with BP. The safety inspectors have to themselves be
>>>>> inspected to minimize collusion. I of course would like
>>>>> to see alternative energy sources but I wonder how much
>>>>> the big oil companies are doing their best to thwart
>>>>> that research. I suspect this will all come out at some
>>>>> time in the future.
>>>>> I like the way Sarah handled the uncalled for attacks on
>>>>> her daughter and mentally challenged child. I like Sarah
>>>>> as a person,she seems genuine to me however I do not
>>>>> believe at this point she is presidential material.
>>>>> I was hoping Hillary Clinton would have got the
>>>>> nomination instead of Obama.
>>>>> As for Rush, Beck, O'Reilly and in my opinion the worst
>>>>> of them all, Hannity, they sound like broken records.
>>>>> O'Reilly isn't really that bad when put in a room with
>>>>> the others. He makes some idiotic statements at times
>>>>> though and is an intimidating bully who doesn't let his
>>>>> guests talk. Both Michael Moore and Bill Mahr give it
>>>>> right back to O'Reilly though and it's quite interesting
>>>>> watching them debate when the deck isn't stacked against
>>>>> them, which Bill can't do.
>>>>> I'd love to pull that ear piece out of Hannity's ear and
>>>>> see how well he does without the aid of his script.
>>>> - From what I've seen (not much), he's not too bright at all, just
>>>> deliberately dishonest.
>>> Yeah, vote for Sarah Palin please. She is a reliable altruist, who will
>>> solve all the problems in the world.
>> To be fair, the jobs is spokes(wo)man-like. I mean, look at Reagan handling
>> it.
>>> Yawn!
>>>>>> "Drill, baby, drill!"
>>>>> I'd love to!
>>>>> Sarah is a babe!
>>> Vomit...
>> Why? Did she drink in Louisiana?
> Nope because I think she's Margaret Thatcher V2.0

Haha. I reckon one of her kids will become an oppressive colonialist in south
America then.

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fast-moving vegetables." -- Simon Cozens
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