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[News] Fedora 13 Received Good Reviews, New Contributor Agreement

  • Subject: [News] Fedora 13 Received Good Reviews, New Contributor Agreement
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 18:04:11 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Fedoraâs lucky 13

,----[ Quote ]
| I could continue on forever and a day about 
| how Fedora 13 brings a world of improvement 
| to the Fedora/Linux experience. But the 
| best thing I can say is that Ubuntu better 
| watch out or Fedora might well usurp it as 
| the king of Linux for new users. And since 
| Fedora is already one of the most popular 
| distributions with experienced usersâyou 
| get the picture.


Why Iâm still using Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| I must say Iâm impressed with the latest 
| Fedora. I havenât met any deal-breakers for 
| me yet, but then again, Iâve only used it 
| for a week. Still, thereâs much to like.


A new contributor agreement for Fedora

,----[ Quote ]
| The FICLA, which has been used for a number 
| of years, is based closely on the Apache 
| Software Foundation's Individual CLA, with 
| some minor changes. So far as I can tell, 
| the Apache CLA has worked well for ASF 
| projects in the several years since its 
| adoption, and Fedora is not the only 
| project to reuse its text. It is not 
| difficult to see why the Apache CLA was 
| originally assumed to be a good model for 
| Fedora. On the assumption, which can be 
| questioned, that some sort of formal 
| contribution agreement was advisable at 
| all, there were, and are, few other models 
| with a genuine free software pedigree.



Fedora 13 vs. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Benchmarks

,----[ Quote ]
| The tests carried out included OpenArena,
| Warsow, World of Padman, PostgreSQL, Unpack-
| Linux, Bullet, C-Ray, x264, NAS Parallel
| Benchmarks, John The Ripper, and TTSIOD 3D
| Renderer. This testing was done by the
| Phoronix Test Suite.


Riding the Rocket: A CEOâs Look at Fedora 13 âGoddardâ

,----[ Quote ]
| I also like the more polished desktop look
| and feel. Menus are simpler and more
| consistent thanks to the work of the Fedora
| Desktop team. The Fedora Design team has also
| been hard at work in making the icons in the
| default installation match a single look and
| feel. Iâm looking forward to trying out other
| desktop features in Fedora 13 including its
| solutions for scanning, microblogging and
| photo management. (Heading on vacation soon,
| and plan to take a lot of pics!) Iâm able to
| rely on Fedora to just work out of the box
| more than ever before.


First look: Fedora 13 from Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| The installation was quick and painless, and
| the subsequent reboot was extremely fast and
| clean -- from POST screen to login screen
| within 10 seconds.


Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| In short, Fedora 13 leaves once again a good
| impression. For professionals, has better
| performance than other popular distributions
| and for home users Ubuntu or Linux Mint which
| are perhaps more intuitive to begin working
| with Linux. Only regret, too long and
| unworthy startup time of a modern Linux
| distribution. But in the world of Linux,
| personal taste matters more.


In orbit over Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| But having said this, there are a couple of
| caveats that require mentioning â personal
| ones that really donât take anything away
| from Fedora 13âs shine. Pet peeve number one:
| No GIMP on the install. Easily installable
| upon completion of the installation, I know,
| but still.


Ubuntu 10.04 vs Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| This article originally appeared in issue 87
| of Linux User & Developer magazine.
| Linux User & Developer, one of the nationâs
| favourite Linux and Open Source publications,
| is now part of the award winning Imagine
| Publishing family. Readers can subscribe and
| save more than 30% and receive our exclusive
| money back guarantee â click here to find out
| more.


Fedora 13 Xfce Spinâget it while itâs hot!

,----[ Quote ]
| There were not a lot of vast changes in
| this cycle, but there were some nice tweaks
| and of course all the goodness of F13 as a
| base.


Fedora 13 - interview and first look

,----[ Quote ]
| In general, I like the way the Fedora team
| approaches security. The installer insists
| on setting a root password and creating a
| regular user account. The distro enables
| SELinux out of the box and has convenient
| tools for managing SELinux policies. I like
| that encrypting partitions in the installer
| is very easy and intuitive. On the live CD
| edition, the firewall is enabled and
| OpenSSH turned off, though the firewall
| port for SSH is left open in case the user
| wishes to turn on the service later. The
| only quirk I found was non-root users had
| the ability to reboot or halt the machine.
| This probably isn't an issue for people
| logged in locally; after all it would be
| annoying to have to switch to the root
| account just to shut down the computer you
| are sitting in front of. However, the
| regular user accounts can also halt the
| machine remotely if secure shell is enabled
| without suing to root, a potential problem
| for the unaware admin.
| For the most part, Fedora 13 feels very
| similar to Fedora 12, a stable, modern and
| well put-together operating system.
| However, there are some things which stood
| out that I feel the need to complain about.
| Generally I don't like to focus on hardware
| compatibility, but Fedora 13 was a big
| regression for me, especially on the
| laptop. It took more resources, performed
| slower than the last release and didn't
| work with some of the hardware Fedora 11
| and 12 handled previously. Forcing users to
| download the entire DVD to choose their
| root file system is also, in my opinion, a
| poor design choice, one other distros with
| live CDs have avoided. Those problems
| aside, I generally liked my time with the
| latest Fedora, the project provides a good
| balance of new software with tried and true
| configuration tools. Worth a look if you're
| interested in trying new technology or
| would like to experience a polished SELinux
| implementation.


Fedora core linux 13 âgoddardâ mini review

,----[ Quote ]
| The Fedora Project has been running since
| 2003 after Red Hat Linux was discontinued.
| With Red Hat Enterprise Linux being Red
| Hatâs official distribution, the Fedora
| project has since 2003 catered to the needs
| of the average desktop user looking to run
| a stable and free operating system which
| did everything he wanted and more.
| Distrowatch rates Fedora as the second most
| popular Linux based operating system after
| Ubuntu.


What is new in Fedora 13 ?

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