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[News] India is Still Fighting for the World Against the ACTA Conspirators

  • Subject: [News] India is Still Fighting for the World Against the ACTA Conspirators
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 19:47:58 +0100
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India Comes Out Swinging Against ACTA at WTO

,----[ Quote ]
| The Government of India came out forcefully 
| against ACTA this week in an intervention 
| at the World Trade Organization.  The India 
| position, which may well reflect the views 
| of other ACTA-excluded countries, 
| demonstrates that ACTA is emerging as a 
| contentious political issue that extends 
| well beyond civil society and business 
| groups concerned with the agreement.  
| Countries excluded from the ACTA process 
| have to come to recognize the serious 
| threat it represents both substantively as 
| well as for the future of multilateral 
| organizations.
| This growing concern from countries such as 
| India represents a major new pressure point 
| on the ACTA discussions.  The notion that 
| ACTA countries could negotiate an agreement 
| that would ultimately be used to pressure 
| non-ACTA countries to conform without 
| attracting opposition from those very 
| countries was always unrealistic.  If the 
| April ACTA round of talks was marked by the 
| mounting pressure for greater transparency, 
| the late June ACTA round of talks will 
| undoubtedly have developing country 
| opposition as its core concern.


ACTA and the Specter of Graduated Response 

,----[ Quote ]
| This short paper, prepared for a workshop 
| on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement 
| (ACTA) and the Public Interest at American 
| Universityâs Washington College of Law, 
| considers the draft Internet provisions of 
| ACTA in the context of concerns raised in 
| the media that the treaty will require 
| signatories to mandate graduated response 
| regimes (Ã la Franceâs controversial HADOPI 
| system) for online copyright enforcement. 
| Although the Consolidated Text of ACTA, 
| released in late April, confirms that 
| mandatory graduated response is off the 
| table for the treatyâs negotiators, the 
| treaty in its current form both 
| accommodates and promotes the adoption of 
| graduated response. Moreover, opponents of 
| graduated response should be wary of the 
| fact that public law mechanisms â be they 
| domestic or international â are not the 
| only means by which graduated response can 
| effectively become the law for Internet 
| users. The United States and Ireland 
| provide examples of the trend toward 
| private ordering in the project of online 
| copyright enforcement.



ACTA may hamper fight against climate change

,----[ Quote ]
| The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
| (ACTA) may hamper the fight against
| climate change by inhibiting the diffusion
| of green technology, according to the
| Foundation for a Free Information
| Infrastructure (FFII).
| Behind closed doors, the European Union,
| United States, Japan and other trade
| partners are negotiating an Anti-
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. ACTA will
| contain new international norms for the
| enforcement of copyrights, trade mark
| rights, patents and other exclusive
| rights.

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