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[News] Loads of Coverage About EU Commission Supporting Software Freedom in Government

  • Subject: [News] Loads of Coverage About EU Commission Supporting Software Freedom in Government
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 16:10:35 +0100
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Open Source for America Wants To Give The Federal Government An Openness Report Card


EC comes out for open source

,----[ Quote ]
| At the Open Forum European Summit, Neelie 
| Kroes, the European Commission vice-president 
| for the Digital Agenda, said that with 
| improved interoperability comes improved 
| competition, and, she added, competition is 
| good for the European economy. However, she 
| admitted that open source still has some way 
| to go until it will be fully accepted.
| [...]
| "I am still a big fan of open standards. I 
| believe in openness, and I believe in 
| practising what one preaches," she said. "Some 
| observers think 'open standards' is a tainted 
| term that should not to be used in the absence 
| of a generally recognised definition. Whatever 
| the labels, what matters is the substance. I 
| would urge all stakeholders to focus on the 
| content of the package rather than the 
| wrapping."


European Union starts project about economic effects of open government data

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this week I talked to writer and open 
| source advocate Marco Fioretti, who has just 
| announced the start of a study on open data 
| for the European Union. Fioretti is a long-
| time supporter of open source software, which 
| he wrote about in a chapter of the O'Reilly 
| book Open Government. Fioretti also held a 
| seminar about open and prorietary formats at 
| Pisa's Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, a 
| major European college in the field of 
| economics. 


Europe may start to change its stance on interoperability & standards


Proprietary software 'a waste of money', says EU commissioner


EU warns against proprietary software 


Europe's Neelie Kroes Sticks To Her Open Source Guns


Tech companies will be strong-armed into openness, Commissioner vows


Proprietary technology is a waste of money, says Kroes

,----[ Quote ]
| Am I totally satisfied with her speech? Of 
| course not. There was no indication that the 
| Commission would finally start to seriously 
| migrate to Free Software, and use Open 
| Standards. (I hear that instead, theyâre busy 
| setting up Microsoft SharePoint.) There was no 
| clear commitment to a strong definition of 
| Open Standards in EIFv2.
| But Iâm not only an idealist, Iâm also a 
| realist. And realistically, her speech was the 
| best that weâll hear from a European 
| Commissioner any time soon.
| So we at FSFE are taking Neelie Kroes very 
| seriously when she says that âI expect 
| interested parties to mostly turn to me to 
| demand progress [on the Digital Agenda] - and 
| rightly so.â This is an offer to get involved, 
| and weâll take her up on it.


Neelie Kroes, EU Competition Commissioner Pushes Open

,----[ Quote ]
| âFifth, with my colleagues in the College I 
| will seriously explore all options to ensure 
| that significant market players cannot just 
| choose to deny interoperability with their 
| product. You no doubt remember that I have 
| some experience with reticent high-tech 
| companies: I had to fight hard and for several 
| years until Microsoft began to license missing 
| interoperability information. Complex anti-
| trust investigations followed by court 
| proceedings are perhaps not the only way to 
| increase interoperability. The Commission 
| should not need to run an epic antitrust case 
| every time software lacks interoperability. 
| Wouldnât it be nice to solve all such problems 
| in one go?â

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