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[News] A Look at Future Linux/Android Phones

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Sony Ericsson Shakira to be called X8

,----[ Quote ]
| A few days ago I added a news article 
| outlining that Sony Ericsson where to 
| produce a middle sized x10 that would be 
| larger than an x10 mini and smaller than 
| an x10. 


Exclusive: Motorola Droid X preview

,----[ Quote ]
| Not interested in waiting until the 23rd 
| for Verizon's big announcement? Don't 
| worry, we've got you covered right now! 
| The Motorola Droid X has probably been one 
| of the worst kept smartphone secrets in 
| recent memory, but after spending two 
| hours with the phone we sort of see why. 
| In short, it's pretty awesome. Call it a 
| superphone or a mega-smartphone, but the 
| 4.4-inch handset is absolutely Verizon  / 
| Motorola's answer to the HTC EVO 4G, and 
| makes the Droid Incredible look like a 
| bench warmer. What do we mean? We'll let 
| you see for yourself just after the break 
| in a breakdown of exactly what this phone 
| is all about -- and in a video or three of 
| it in action. Oh, and on your way down, 
| make sure to feast your eyes on the 
| gallery, too.



Another Thought on the Google Nexus One Phone Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| Google will continue to promote its
| Android OS, which is used by HTC, Samsung
| and Motorola, with Sony-Ericsson, Acer,
| and LG Electronics announcing Android-
| powered phones.

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