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[News] Harald Welte Supports Compliance Action Against Apple; ACCESS/Apple Troll Finally out of GNOME Advisory Board

  • Subject: [News] Harald Welte Supports Compliance Action Against Apple; ACCESS/Apple Troll Finally out of GNOME Advisory Board
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 19:49:48 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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More thoughts on FSF action against Apple over GNU Go 

,----[ Quote ]
| So yes, by removing the software that was 
| distributed in violation of the GPL terms, 
| Apple has done legally the right thing: 
| Reduce the danger/risk of committing 
| further (knowing) infringement.
| The FSF (and probably the Free Software 
| community in general) of course want 
| something else: For Apple to alter their 
| app store terms in a way that would enable 
| software authors to have Apple distribute 
| their GPL licensed software in it. While 
| this might be possible very easily with 
| small modifications to their legal terms 
| and to the implementation of the app 
| store, it is probably not quite easy to 
| make a legal claim and try to force this 
| upon Apple.
| Anyone always has the choice to either 
| distribute GPL licensed software compliant 
| with its license terms - or not distribute 
| it at all. If Apple prefers the latter, 
| this is very unfortunate (and you might 
| call it anti-social or even anti-
| competitive) but something that they can 
| very well do. 


FOSS Compliance: What Are the Basics You Must Know?

,----[ Quote ]
| Software compliance isnât exactly the sexiest 
| topic we tackle at the Linux Foundation, but 
| itâs one of the most important. While we 
| focus *our* efforts on open source software, 
| the vast majority of software compliance 
| efforts are focused on proprietary licenses. 
| Just ask a CIO of an enterprise who has been 
| audited by one of their software suppliers 
| recently, or look at the well funded efforts 
| of the Business Software Alliance, an 
| organization dedicated to stamping out piracy 
| and keeping companies in compliance with 
| their members.


Apple proponent and Internet bully/troll is almost out:

Anti-FSF stance caused ACCESS to pull Gnome Foundation Funding

,----[ Quote ]
| Xavier Bestel had made a comment to a 
| gnome member regarding their choice of OS 
| and E-mail client. The person promptly 
| fired back with an anti software freedom 
| tirade and blurted out insider info from 
| ACCESS as to why they pulled out on 
| funding. This is the same person 
| identified by RMS as âa troll like enemy 
| of the free software movementâ. Normally I 
| avoid mentioning this individual but the 
| information is far too important. Itâs 
| public information that anyone can access.
|     Let me be very frank with you, Xav: 
|     this sort of behavior was definitely a 
|     contributing factor to ACCESSâ leaving 
|     the Advisory Board this past January, 
|     and for our lack of sponsorship for 
|     GUADEC this year and last. It was a 
|     directly contributing factor to my 
|     rescinding my offer to provide media 
|     training for potential GNOME 
|     spokespeople at GUADEC this summer.



Apple Wants to Kill Its Mobile Advertising Competitors

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple (AAPL) seemed to relent on letting other
| advertising networks have access to iPhones
| and iPads. But thatâs an illusion. The
| companyâs actions, in context, show that Steve
| Jobs wants to completely lock down advertising
| and control all forms of revenue when it comes
| to iOS. The result is now an escalating level
| of federal scrutiny that should make any CEO
| nervous.


Apple to Allow Third-Party Mobile Ads, Just not Those from Google


Is Apple locking Google out of iPhone ad space?


Exit To Nowhere: The Conundrum Of Being An Independent Mobile Ad Network Under Appleâs Rules


Antitrust Concerns Keep Mounting for Apple


Apple to tread carefully but it should escape any brutal antitrust legal battles


FTC To Review Allegations Appleâs iAd is Anti-Competitive: Report

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